Sunday, February 26, 2012

Show and Tell: 1950's 'Young Modes by Claudia Young' Peach Lace Prom Dress

Hello! Here's the second instalment of Show and Tell!

I can tell it's going to be difficult picking what to show you for a while. I stood in front of the closet for about 20 minutes before deciding on this dress.

I'm not quite sure why I picked this dress to follow up on my 40's Plaid Suit. There is just something so sweet about it. The colour, the lace, the velvet detailed neckline...

(Click on the images for a larger photo!)

The lace on this dress is sweet, but my favourite part, by far, is the beautiful neckline. I love the little cutout details created by the velvet.

The back neckline of the bodice is also quite pretty. The two points above the zipper were tacked down when I received the dress. I always wonder when it was done. Did the points bother the original wearer? Or was it worn later and tacked down then?

This dress also has a subtle, but pretty slightly dropped waist seam.

And, of course, the inside construction of the dress:

Close ups of the front of the bodice:

And the back of the bodice:

And a close up of the hemline:

You can see in the next photo that the hem had fallen at some point and was tacked back up in pink on the left. The original thread is on the right in the lighter colour which better matches the lining.

And the tag:

I've had this dress in my collection for years. So long I've kindof forgotten how I got it. I either bought it while I worked at Ragpickers or it was given to me by someone.

This dress fits me, but I have never worn it. I guess it's just waiting for the right party!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fur Alternative

I've been enthralled by the conversation over at Tuppence Ha'penny regarding the virtues/vices of fur: vintage and new.

I personally love my vintage fur stoles. But for those who may not love fur at all, but crave some of the glamour fur can offer a vintage outfit I have a solution.

While browsing Etsy (my new favourite place for online shopping!!) I found these cute guys at celapiu:

Silver Wolf Foks

Handmade, felted fox stoles!!!

Valentine Foks

And my personal favourite:

Foks de Luxe

Are they not awesome!? I am honestly trying to find a little cash in my budget for one of these guys. I am smitten.


Friday, February 24, 2012

Beautiful Cuticles for under $7

I have never done a product review. I don't usually like reading them.

But I had a problem which needed a solution. I had dry cracked, icky cuticles.

I have always envied and admired women with nice nails and beautiful hands. And for some reason I always picture those 50's housewives working in the home with impossibly perfect manicured hands.

Ya, like those...

So I bought something which I should have ages ago:

I noticed the results instantly! Plus it smells amazing! The package says it's apricot, but it smells like yummy sweet candy to me. I keep the container on my coffeetable and put it on at night while we watch tv. Be warned though, if you stop applying it your cuticles will revert back to their dry, cracked, icky state (at least mine did...).

Best of all, a little seems to go a long way and it only cost $6!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration: Southern Retro Portrait

I recently received a link in my inbox from Queens of Vintage directing me to Southern Retro. The website tells us that its:

 An on-going photographic project about individuals for whom reviving the past is part of their daily lives. 

I am in love with the subjects in these photos. So inspiring! And one woman in particular has be looking at her photo again and again.
Check her out:

I just love her hair. And to me it looks like she's mixing eras a bit. The dress feels 50's/60's to me (although it may not be) paired with the 30's/40's tilt hat. Plus the glasses...just awesome. I'm so close to having my prescription put into my own vintage glasses. Can't wait!

This is a look I'd like to rock and she looks stunning!


Sunday, February 19, 2012


Today as we were sitting on the couch drinking coffee and watching tv and The Boy asked me if he'd told me how one of our friends described me to his neighbour (who had been asking The Boy what I was like). I said "No! Tell me!"

Here's what our friend said to his neighbour:

"Lisa is Flo from the Progressive commercials."

This made me laugh pretty hard. I immediately Googled a photo of Flo.

Hm. What do you think?

"Flo, do we look alike? Am I you? Long lost sisters, maybe?"

Maybe this is this years Halloween costume...


Saturday, February 18, 2012

That Was Quick! Found Some High Waisted Jeans!

Holy Cow! That never happens! It's not often I post a Wishlist post and mere weeks go by and I've got it checked off my list!

I was seriously debating buying Bernie Dexter's 50's Style Skinny Jeans. I had a few readers tell me they had bought  Bernie's jeans and they thought the price was a little high for the quality so I was hesitating. Lucky for me I did, because I found a pair at Forever 21 last week! For $27.50! Yes, I know, F21's quality probably isn't much better, but the price sure is. And unlike a lot of F21's denim, which I find to be quite thin and very stretchy, these jeans are thick and sturdy. I like them so much I'm considering buying a second pair and hemming them into capris.
My only complaint (as usual) is that these jeans don't quite hit my natural waist. I'm very high waisted and this tends to be an issue, but they are high enough to give my casual outfits that much needed and desired retro look. Plus they don't gape in the back. The fit overall is as perfect as you can get for off the rack. So I'm a happy girl.

I might still be thinking about a pair of Bernie Dexter's Skinny Jeans in Black because they're super high waisted. They might be high waisted enough to hit my actual waist...we'll see what happens...

White cotton Cardigan: philosophy, Winners
Apple Print Blouse: Thrifted
Vintage Lucite Bird Brooch: Mike's General Store
High Waisted Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Mary Janes: Bleka, The Bay


Friday, February 17, 2012

Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: Ruby Slipper

The Ruby Slipper Vintage Shoppe **RUBY SLIPPER HAS MOVED to 370 St Anne's Road**

image courtesy of Google Maps Streetview

**** out of 5

Ruby Slipper is a bit of a diamond in the rough. It's tucked away on Sargent Avenue far from any trendy district or other vintage shop. The outside of the building is unassuming and its interior is unadorned, undecorated and utilitarian.
By no means in saying this am I implying that Ruby Slipper is an inferior store. The shop does not need any fancy bells and whistles. The carefully selected stock that owner Tracy provides her customers is enough to make any trip worth while. 

Ruby Slipper is operated a little like a regular retail store; stock is rotated seasonally and if it's not moving quickly is marked down and put on sale. If you want a holiday dress, for example, November and December are the months to visit. Summer Dress? April/May is when summer stock starts to come in. Operating the store this way is a great way to keep customers happy and coming back frequently for more! I don't believe I've seen the same stuff there on any two visits. 

In spite of this seemingly positive feature, I did debate on whether I should have given this shop a 3/5 for this very reason. If, like me, you prefer older vintage (40's/50's/60's) there are definitely times to visit to make the most of your trip. Stock in these eras can be depleted and picked over "in between seasons".  A visit to the store at these times can have you leaving empty handed. However, Ruby does sell some modern, trendy and designer clothing. These items seem to fill the gap at these "in between season" times.  If you're looking for something in particular it's imperative to know when Tracy stocks the store. And thankfully in the electronic information age we live in, phone call to find this information out isn't even necessary. Ruby Slipper is very active on their Facebook page and update store activity, sales and new stock frequently.
After some consideration, I decided on a 4/5 review due to the fact that I have, in actuality, only left the store empty handed a few times. And this, of course, is to be expected when shopping for vintage. The trick with Ruby, as I've said, is to know when to visit. 

If you do visit Ruby Slipper and Tracy is working be prepared for a chat! She's a fast talkin' gal who knows her stock and her customers inside and out. She has a keen eye for sizes (on my first visit she told me the size 6 dress in my hand would be too small...she was right. I fit a size 8 in her store) and will help point you towards the good stuff among the vast amount of stock, saving you time digging while you shop. 

Ruby Slipper also offers consignment and will make house calls for large collections. They offer a 50/50 consignment rate, which, I believe to be one of the best rates in the city. Do be warned though, Ruby will only take items that are clean, undamaged, appropriate for the upcoming season and a good fit for their customers. 

Overall, Ruby Slipper is a great vintage shop and worth the trip to its obscure location. The stock is typically well curated and varied enough to suit any vintage aficionado's taste. 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Show and Tell: New Look Plaid Suit

Show and Tell is a new post series I'll be running a couple times a month.

One of the things I love the most about my blog is showing off my vintage collection. I also love checking out other peoples vintage goodies on their blogs. So I'm assuming, based on my own love of nosing into other peoples closets, that you would like to see what I've got squirrelled away too!

I have so many pieces in my collection that I do not wear regularly (or haven't worn at all!) that I thought it would be fun to do a little show and tell once in a while. The format is classic show and tell style. I will take and post lots of pictures and then tell you about the piece. Where I bought it, why I love it and any other interesting related tidbits.
I'm also looking forward to documenting my collection.

So let's get on with it shall we?

I had a hard time picking the first piece I would show. But it quickly became apparent which one it should be. This suit is one of my favourite pieces. It epitomizes everything that I love about vintage. The taffeta fabric is luxurious and bold. I love bright bold fabrics and nothing could be brighter or bolder than this suit! I could never afford a modern suit in a fabric this luxe.

I also love that this is a transitional piece. The jacket clearly says 40's wartime, but the fabric and the width and length of the skirt say early 50's to me. It's a mix of two of my favourite eras!

Imagine the woman who owned this suit! I wonder what kind of shoes, jewelery and hats she wore with it. Was it made or bought for a special occasion?

I'm not sure if this suit is handmade, or not. It's constructed very well. There are only a few flaws with it. It's missing a button on the jacket and there is some minor staining along the hem of the skirt. Here are a few shots of the interior construction of the garment.

Here is the jacket.

Pinked seams.

Original shoulder pads.

This is the back hem of the jacket.

And the interior of the skirt.

Interior of the waistband and zipper.

And the hem, with generous hem allowance.

I bought it at the now defunct Vintage Glory when owner Lana was still alive. I bought at least 4 dresses that day. I remember having a nice long chat with her about vintage and her saying how well I suited vintage clothing. She also told me she was glad the clothing I bought was going to a good home.

In truth, I've only worn the jacket a few times despite it being one of my favourites. The skirt fit once, but is now just a little too snug on me. I think it's time to start wearing the jacket again. Too pretty to keep hidden away in my closet.


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