Sunday, February 26, 2012

Show and Tell: 1950's 'Young Modes by Claudia Young' Peach Lace Prom Dress

Hello! Here's the second instalment of Show and Tell!

I can tell it's going to be difficult picking what to show you for a while. I stood in front of the closet for about 20 minutes before deciding on this dress.

I'm not quite sure why I picked this dress to follow up on my 40's Plaid Suit. There is just something so sweet about it. The colour, the lace, the velvet detailed neckline...

(Click on the images for a larger photo!)

The lace on this dress is sweet, but my favourite part, by far, is the beautiful neckline. I love the little cutout details created by the velvet.

The back neckline of the bodice is also quite pretty. The two points above the zipper were tacked down when I received the dress. I always wonder when it was done. Did the points bother the original wearer? Or was it worn later and tacked down then?

This dress also has a subtle, but pretty slightly dropped waist seam.

And, of course, the inside construction of the dress:

Close ups of the front of the bodice:

And the back of the bodice:

And a close up of the hemline:

You can see in the next photo that the hem had fallen at some point and was tacked back up in pink on the left. The original thread is on the right in the lighter colour which better matches the lining.

And the tag:

I've had this dress in my collection for years. So long I've kindof forgotten how I got it. I either bought it while I worked at Ragpickers or it was given to me by someone.

This dress fits me, but I have never worn it. I guess it's just waiting for the right party!



  1. This dress is gorgeous! I love all the pictures and the detailing of the work. You need to just wear it anywhere - it's too lovely to hide in your closet! :)

  2. This is stunning Id love to see it on I wish I could find something like this that fitted me


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