Saturday, March 27, 2010

I have a confession to make...

I'm tired! (Well, that's not really the confession, but I'm getting there...)

I have been having some serious blogger guilt these past few weeks. So much so that I have been avoiding my computer. Why you ask?
Well because I've been a deadbeat blogger. I cannot find the time/energy to post. This is directly related to the fact that I'm finding myself too tired to do my hair, or put on some cute vintage-y clothes for work (these days I consider myself lucky if I can manage to put my hair in a ponytail and co-ordinate my outfit well enough to look like I actually care!!) or even manage to take photos of those outfits that accidentally managed to replicate some sort of vintage vibe.

Why am I so tired? My new job is incredibly demanding. More demanding than any other job I've ever had. I start work at 7:30am and should finish at 4pm. I usually stay until 5:30 or 6:00. And it takes about half an hour to drive home. When I get home I try to make some sort of nutritious meal for The Boy and I and then I usually fall asleep on the couch around 8:30pm.
My weekends have been spent trying to catch up on housework and errands....ugh.

Ok. Enough whining.
Here's my confession:

I fantasize about being a perfect 50's housewife.

In my former life before my career in fashion I was a domestic goddess. I like to cook and bake and decorate. I get a secret thrill from admiring my house after a rigorous cleaning. I love nothing more than a perfectly set table. I thoroughly enjoy folding laundry. I live to cook for more than just myself...

Although, like most modern women, I do these things in sweat pants and a tee shirt. (But that's not the point)

I daydream of baking with perfectly coifed hair, red lips, full skirt and heels topped off with a small, but practical feminine apron. A tiny, but elegant bead of sweat forms at my brow while I hand mix cake batter; I delicately dab it away with the corner of my apron, never smudging my makeup or marking the apron. A perfect feminine gesture.

I long to serve a perfect, piping hot meal to my partner after his long day of work. Mine having been spent at home keeping everything in order.

Check out this article of 3 UK women who actually LIVE my fantasy every day! (I'm jealous!) My favorite is the first woman with the 50s house. Here she is:

I couldn't help but include this adorable video in this post: It's a modern spoof on the perfect housewife. It made me laugh out loud at least twice! Watch the muffin tin coming out of the oven! haha!


But seriously...

This whole fantasy really stems from my off and on resentment of the feminist movement. (I can feel the can of worms opening as I type this...please, no comments bashing me for my sometimes resentment. I swear this all goes back to my housewife fantasy, just hear me out!)

I can appreciate the whole idea of "choice" that women now have as a result of the feminist movement (stay-at-home-mom vs. working woman choice being the big one in my opinion. Yes voting is important too, but has nothing to do with baking, so we'll leave it out of this discusion). I do put the word choice in quotations because I really don't believe that we as women do have the choice in many ways. From somewhere in the world we have enormous pressure to be super women. To do it all! Have the great career, be successful in the working world. Be beautiful, thin, fashionable and put together! Be a mom and wife. Make dinner. Go to parent-teacher. Drive Timmy to soccer. Do laundry. Do the dishes. Etc etc...

This is a lot of stress and pressure that we/society have put on ourselves. I don't like it.

I want to be in a world where I only have to have one job. Where I actually get to choose: Housewife OR Careerwoman. Having to do both is not a choice. Whatever happened to the man being the breadwinner and the woman looking after the breadwinner? That's cool with me. I am also equally cool with the woman being the breadwinner and the man looking after the breadwinner. Men doing housework is ok in my books. I'm really just asking not to have to do it all!

Now I also understand that there are very lucky women out there who have men in thier lives who are equal to them and share household responsibilities; or better yet, do all the housework while she works! Kudos to you girls! In my experience those men are few and far between.

Now you see why I yearn for the perfect 50's housewife. Yes, they may have never existed the way they do in my mind, but that's why I say it's a fantasy. It's my fantasy and it can be whatever I want it to be.

Mostly these days I'm just tired.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outfits: Weekends

I love weekends. The Boy and I have some pretty standard weekend rituals. Wake up, he sits on the couch with the pup and the laptop while I make coffee and breakfast (either pancakes and bacon or homemade egg mcmuffins). We eat, then we usually both lay on the couch and read/surf the net and finish coffee. We take turns showering and then we head out to do whatever. Sometimes we take Dave out for a walk in the park, or head to the pet store for supplies. Go for a drive, run get the idea.

Today we went for a walk with the pup to a little spot by our house. The weather has been unseasonably warm here for this time of year. Usually we're still wearing winter coats and slogging through mucky snow, but this year the weather turned warm quickly and the snow is pretty much gone! I haven't worn my winter coat for weeks!

So, onto the outfit: this is pretty standard weekend attire. As much as I love to dress up and dress vintage, I love to be comfy and casual too. That being said I also like to look cute at the same time!
The headscarf is a new look for me. I've never really worn it before, but I had to dye my hair today and didn't have time before my early rehearsal, so I threw this on and liked how cute it looked (I also enjoy how low maintanence it is!). I'll probably wear it again!

Printed Cotton Headscarf: Vintage (Ragpickers)
Pink Scarf: Jacob
Black Embroidered Bird Hoodie (sorry, you can't really see it!): Cake
Green Military Jacket: Smart Set
Purple Tee: Old Navy
Jeans: Bootlegger
Pink "Converse": Smart Set

Here are a few pictures of where we were walking.

Work is still kickin my butt, hence the lack of posts. I have so much work right now I could've worked until 8pm on Friday...ugh.
Monday will probably be a loong day...

Hope you all have a great week! I'll do my best to post again before next weekend! It looks like The Boy and I will be heading to the World of Wheels on Saturday, so I would gather I'll have some photos from that outing! Take care!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sad News

As many of you may already know, Vintage Glory is easily my favorite vintage shop in Winnipeg.

I recently discovered that one of its owners: Lana Shand passed away on March 4th after a very short battle with cancer. I am deeply saddened by this news. I did not know Lana well, except from my visits to the store where I enjoyed and spent many hours talking to her and her husband Doug about vintage, Winnipeg and life.
She will surely be missed by those who knew her well, but she will also be missed by those who she had touched through her presence at Vintage Glory.

I send my deepest regrets and my condolences to her family in this difficult time. May the love of those around you help you through the days ahead.

Lana's obituary can be found here.

Lisa. xo

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Outfits: Nerdy

Hi! It's been a little while! Too long I think...

Work has been CRAZY! My buyer has been away in New York shopping and I've been left to man the office for the first time...let's just say it was a little stressful...but I made it (she's back now), nothing burnt down and apparently I did a great job! Phew! Unfortunately blogland suffered a little in the process...I try really hard not to make that happen...sometimes I just fall off the horse. The blog-horse...ok stop...I'm tired...

Not only has work been busy, but rehearsals for my show startd on Sunday, so that has been a little bit of a time eater...

AND! most importantly! I've been distracted by the weather becasue Spring has sprung early here in Winterpeg! Normally we trudge through snow until late April, but I wore a SPRING JACKET  to work this week! Woo hoo!!

So here's what I wore to work today. It's a cotton summer dress I bought for $7 at Urban Planet. I thought the melting snow deserved a little cotton dress today. (Also, please note the spring jacket I am wearing!!)

Oh yeah...and the glasses...I wear glasses. I'm a closet nerd. I'm also not much of a planner apparently. My last pair of contacts ripped and when I went to Pearl Vision to buy more I was told they don't stock conacts in store anymore and only order them in for customers. So they would call me when my contacts came in: in about 5 days...AHHH!! Pearl Vision called today though and I picked up my contacts after work. Tomorrow I'll feel normal again.
I don't really like wearing my glasses in public...I feel too nerdy.
(notice how I don't look that impressed, I took pictures today because I couldn't abandon you any longer!)

Glasses: Candies
Necklace: Ricki's Sample Sale
Blace Lace Cami: Smart Set
Multi Print Floral Dress: Urban Planet
Black Cardigan: Ricki's
Stretch Belt: Laura
Purple Tights: Walmart
T-Straps: Spring
Trench Coat: Ricki's
Pink Scarf: Jacob
Houndstooth Purse: Aldo

Thanks for bearing with me in my absence! And hello to all my new readers/subscribers!! :) Welcome!

Lisa. xo

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wishlist: Leather Motorcycle Jacket

What would be cuter over all my girly vintage dresses than a hip, cool, edgy leather motorcycle jacket?
That's why I want one.

As usual, vintage would be great, but I really prefer a slimmer fit in a jacket, so I think I'll end up buying a repro version with a modern fit.

In a perfect world I would love this vintage jacket from The Rusty Zipper. (great name!)

But in a pinch I would also take this one, from Soul Revolver. (cool site, check out thier men's repro movie/tv jackets! neat!)

They're so similar, it's really repro vs. vintage, but this is exactly what I want. I'm just waiting for the right one to come along. And of course only leather will do. I won't be buying a plastic jacket...

Lisa. xo
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