Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Outfits: Nerdy

Hi! It's been a little while! Too long I think...

Work has been CRAZY! My buyer has been away in New York shopping and I've been left to man the office for the first time...let's just say it was a little stressful...but I made it (she's back now), nothing burnt down and apparently I did a great job! Phew! Unfortunately blogland suffered a little in the process...I try really hard not to make that happen...sometimes I just fall off the horse. The blog-horse...ok stop...I'm tired...

Not only has work been busy, but rehearsals for my show startd on Sunday, so that has been a little bit of a time eater...

AND! most importantly! I've been distracted by the weather becasue Spring has sprung early here in Winterpeg! Normally we trudge through snow until late April, but I wore a SPRING JACKET  to work this week! Woo hoo!!

So here's what I wore to work today. It's a cotton summer dress I bought for $7 at Urban Planet. I thought the melting snow deserved a little cotton dress today. (Also, please note the spring jacket I am wearing!!)

Oh yeah...and the glasses...I wear glasses. I'm a closet nerd. I'm also not much of a planner apparently. My last pair of contacts ripped and when I went to Pearl Vision to buy more I was told they don't stock conacts in store anymore and only order them in for customers. So they would call me when my contacts came in: in about 5 days...AHHH!! Pearl Vision called today though and I picked up my contacts after work. Tomorrow I'll feel normal again.
I don't really like wearing my glasses in public...I feel too nerdy.
(notice how I don't look that impressed, I took pictures today because I couldn't abandon you any longer!)

Glasses: Candies
Necklace: Ricki's Sample Sale
Blace Lace Cami: Smart Set
Multi Print Floral Dress: Urban Planet
Black Cardigan: Ricki's
Stretch Belt: Laura
Purple Tights: Walmart
T-Straps: Spring
Trench Coat: Ricki's
Pink Scarf: Jacob
Houndstooth Purse: Aldo

Thanks for bearing with me in my absence! And hello to all my new readers/subscribers!! :) Welcome!

Lisa. xo

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  1. To celebrate the arrival of an early spring in our fine city I bought a pair of rubber boots! I look very glamourous in them....!!

    p.s. I found your blog in the FL message board. Rare to come across people from winnipeg, so here I am! Hello!



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