Thursday, December 27, 2012

Yup, Still Here

Hello friends! Did you miss me? I didn't realize I'd been away for an entire month until my readers, family and friends started asking if I was:  a.deleting the blog,   b.if something happened to keep me away   or  c.lost my hands and can't type (no, i made that last one up..).

Well, actually, it's none of the above. I lost my blogging mojo on my last stressful Stage Managing job! I've been distracted by my new job and other things in life. But enough with the excuses, I was gone for a month from the blog and the world didn't end, so I'm now convinced life doesn't revolve around me (ok, mostly convinced. lol!).

Here's what you've missed in no particular order:

I'm Stage Managing for Prairie Theatre Exchange right now for their annual Christmas kids show based on the books of Canadian kids author Robert Munsch.

Tickets are still available on select shows here!

Things have been going well! I've been putting in 10-12 hour days for most of December, but the cast and crew have been just delightful to work for/with. That makes the long hours so much more bearable. We just had 3 days off for Christmas and we're back at it again today.
I't a great show for kids of all ages! I'm still laughing at it after having watched it at least 2-3 dozen times already.

Hasn't been much going on...mostly because all I do there right now is sleep...

Although I don't look this good when I'm sleeping at home. lol!

Again, it's been a little different than any other year due to my crazy work schedule. I didn't make Christmas cards or even put up the tree this year! I'd show you a picture to prove it, but it would just look like my house does the rest of the year. (If you're a new reader and you'd like to sneak a peek at our Christmas decorations you can check out these posts from the last few years.)

The Boy did get me the best present though! He surprised me with a brand new iPhone a week before Christmas! I've been wanting one for over a year now, but just couldn't afford the payment until now.

We had a really nice Christmas this year! Stay Tuned for my annual gift show and tell post soon!

Anything Else?
The Boy and I just finished babysitting K&D's dog Kona while they honemooned in Thailand.

We enjoyed having two dogs in the house so much we're seriously contemplating adding another furry member to the family in the new year!
Otherwise, things have been work, work, work...

I'll be working hard to post more regularly.. I missed you guys!

I'll be back sooner rather than later!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

My New Favourite Song...

Please be aware that this video contains profanity!


Monday, November 19, 2012

Spoils from the Road

As I said, the chip and dip set I showed you the other day wasn't my only treasure found while on the road  a week ago. Here's the rest of my loot:

I bought this sweet silk flower brooch at the Steinbach MCC Thrift Store for 25 cents. :) I am currently a little obsessed with these silk flower brooches with the fabric stems. I've got two and I'm on the hunt to add more to my collection.

This coat is not vintage, but I couldn't resist it's similarity to a sailor's peacoat. That and the asymetrical buttons. Plus it fits perfectly...I just couldn't leave it at the store!

So those are the things I bought for myself. 

These are the pieces I bought for the hoard collection. I have a serious problem people... I cannot resist a good deal on vintage. Even if it doesn't fit me! 
I am considering selling the following items. If you might be interested, email me and we can negotiate a price. I can send you measurements. We can talk about shipping cost etc...

I love men's vintage workwear. This coat is in amazing shape! It's in nearly new condition and is not stiff like lots of other canvas cotton work jackets. It's a mens small-medium, so I'm not sure if it will fit any of the men in my life. 

My favourite part is this little patch on the breast pocket. 

I also have a serious weakness for vintage straw bags. I have at least half a dozen in my collection. This one is in great shape! And it's a really nice size. A girl could keep a lot of summer essentials in this bag! :)

This 60's coat and hat set may be the best thing I bought while I was away. Unfortunately it is too big for me. I look ridiculous in it. But I just couldn't leave it in the store, it is just too awesome! 

This photo does it no justice at all, due to the fact that my mannequin is more my size and is swallowed up by the coat as well. It's WAY better in person than in this photo...

And the hat. Pure 60's goodness.

So there they are, the spoils from my week on the road. 

Hope you all had a good weekend! Happy Monday! :)


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Inspiration: Fur

As you may, or may not know, I love vintage fur. It could be the unbearably cold place in which I live, but there is something so sumptuous and cozy about wearing fur.

Luckily for me, Pintrest has provided my brain with lots of fur fodder. Here are some vintage lovin' gals rocking fur (be it faux or the real deal) for your viewing pleasure too!

source via Pintrest

source via Pintrest

source via Pintrest

source via Pintrest

unknown source via Pintrest

source via Pintrest

I realize that fur can be a touchy issue for some folks. Please note that this blog is for light-hearted, entertainment purposes and any negative or overtly political comments will not be approved. Constructive criticism and genuine debate on the other hand are welcome. :)
Thanks for understanding!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chip and Dipper

Like I said in yesterdays post. I scored some sweet thrift finds while touring the province.

This beauty might be the best thing I bought.

I scored this lovely 50's/60's (any experts weigh in on this? I'm not sure which it is) chip and dip set at the Steinbach MCC Thrift store for $15! It was sitting on a display table as I walked in the store and I snatched in up without hesitation.

No chips, very little wear on the hand painting. And best of all. It goes with my decor! :) *happy dance*

I'll share the rest of my haul with you tomorrow!


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

School Tour Manitoba

Like I said at the end of my last post, I spent the better part of last week touring the show I was working on around rural Manitoba.

It was my first time working on a school tour (but not my last! my next contract is also a school tour). It was eye opening spending so many days at various high school and middle schools all around Manitoba. I went to a performing arts high school and until two weeks ago never really realized how privileged my high school "career" was.

I wouldn't be working in theatre if I had not gone to the school I went to. How different would my life had been if I had gone to a regular high school?

I guess I wouldn't have found myself driving around Manitoba in a one ton van full of a compact-able set, costumes and prop bins!
Thankfully the cast for this show was fun and the girls had just as much of a thrifting bug as I did! We scoped out the thrift store in almost every small town we visited (time allowing).

I was so busy working I only had time to take a few photos.

Most importantly, a shot of my coffee in the morning. I brought fresh beans, my coffee grinder and my French press. When away from home it is very important to bring delicious creature comforts.

The only other photo worth sharing is of me and (most) of the cast in the bar in Winnipegosis. We had such a great time that night! The staff unlocked the pool tables for us and we played for free all night. They also bought us a couple rounds of shots! We were treated like kings! lol!

Stay tuned tomorrow for some of my rural thrift finds!


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Outfits: New Pants, "New" Old Coat and a Fortune in my Pocket

Well hello!

 Long time no see! A week seems like an eternity on the 'ole blogosphere doesn't it?

Winter has descended on Winnipeg. On Friday night there was green-brown grass in our front yard and by Sunday morning we were blanketed in white.

I guess I am forever in anticipation of the upcoming season. Now that we have all this snow I have been enjoying accessorizing my winter coats with my my small, but mighty arsenal of hats, gloves and scarves. I actually love winter dressing for that reason, It is so easy to look chic with the right winter gear.

This whole outfit, as you see it is almost all new. I've been watching those leopard print skinny jeans I've been lusting over on the Le Chateau website and they recently went on sale from $79.99 to $19.99!! I ordered a pair on the spot. And I love them!! :)

The only problem when they arrived is that until yesterday I didn't own a black winter coat. And I just couldn't imagine wearing these pants without a black coat. So I was on the hunt. Luckly my spidey-sense directed me to Value Village yesterday and I scored this cute altered vintage mouton and mink coat. It used to be a 3/4 length, but someone shortened it to its current length, which suits me just fine. It was a steal at $17 all in with taxes.

And doesn't it just look perfect with my new skinny jeans?! I think so.

And the best part? (And this is why I love vintage...) While I was cleaning it up and steaming the coat last night I found a vintage fortune cookie fortune in the hidden breast pocket!

" Your enterprise will bring great profit."

How long has this been in there? Did the owner keep it because it meant something to them? Or did it get stuffed haphazardly into the pocket and forgotten with time? I'll never know...and that's part of the fun. :)

I have a few little frames in the basement with nothing in them and I'm thinking about framing my little treasure and hanging it in my dressing room.

Black Beret: Joe Fresh
Fuschia Scarf:  Jacob
Vintage Altered Mouton and Mink Coat: thrifted, Value Village
Black Elbow Length Leather Gloves: gift from Mom
Leopard Print Skinny Jeans: Le Chateau
Black Wedge Booties: George (Walmart)
My Favourite Purse: thrifted, Value Village

I just finished my last stressful job on Friday. I actually spent almost all of last week touring the show I was working on around rural Manitoba. I've got a little post planned to share some of the ups and downs with you. (and maybe a few vintage thrift finds as well!)


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

Remember a few weeks back when I posted about my desperate need for a haircut?

Well, I did it!

Through some sort of miracle, I got into my salon the same day I called. Which was good and bad. It meant I didn't have time to chicken out and cancel my appointment, but it also meant that I didn't have any time to mentally prepare myself to say good-bye to the security blanket I've been wearing on my head.

So here's the before. One last photo of my long hair:

I look a little sad...well I was...

And the after:

I still look a little sad and stunned...I guess I was...

 I let my hairdresser cut about 3 inches from the bottom of my hair and I felt really naked and weird afterwards. He might as well have given me a pixie cut. Until about 3 days ago I was beating myself up for letting him cut so much off.

I realize I must be completely hair is still long...I just don't feel like it is anymore...

I'm feeling better now that I've washed, dried it and styled it a few times on my own. I never seem to like the way hairdressers style my hair after a cut.

I'm looking at these photos and it seems to look like my hair didn't get any shorter...I assure you it did. My hair is curled in the first photo and straight in the other two. Just to give you some perspective.

What do you think?


Monday, November 5, 2012

I Cancelled All My Insurance and Switched to Progressive!

Hello friends!

I'm back! This is my last week of work and I'm finally started to feel the stress melt away a little (I see a massage in my near melt away the rest of the stress...).

Halloween has come and gone, but you know I love a little show and tell. You may have already guessed from the title of this post, but I went as Flo from the Progressive commercials for Halloween this year!

I had a great time and my costume was a hit at every party we went to!

Not too shabby if I don't say so myself! 


Monday, October 22, 2012

Don't Worry...

...I haven't gone the way of the Dodo. My current Stage Managing job is turning out to be quite a bit more stressful and all-consuming than usual. 

Please excuse the radio silence until I can find some normalcy. 


Monday, October 15, 2012

Break's Over Honey...

Well, I did it again. I abandoned you for too many days while I returned to work.

No matter how many years I've been doing this, starting a new job somehow makes my personal life all scrambled. I just haven't been able to manage my long work days with life at home (more on what my work days look like here and here). We eat dinner too late, I ignore my friends and family (not intentionally!!), I forget to do laundry, the kitchen becomes a mess (not to mention the rest of the house), I abandon the blog and the list goes on...

This time around I've been slowly working at remedying this situation. Let's face it. No one likes being un-organized  (at least I don't...anyone here like being un-organized?!). I can't fix it all at once, but I'm trying to attack the problems in bite sized pieces.

This week I'm working on staying organized in the mornings right before work and dinner right after work. It's quite amazing how connected they are. The whole thing really revolves around making dinner. If I don't know what I'm making for dinner when I get home I get so behind. I hum and haw over what to make, then I have to actually make whatever it is I dream up, we eat and clean up. When I'm done I'm usually too tired to spend any more time in the kitchen or do anything else for that matter, therefore not making lunch for the next day, or laying out my clothes or anything else I need to do. Leaving it all until the next morning. And I never wake up in time to get it all done and I spend my mornings rushing around my house like a chicken with my head cut off...I'm exhausted just writing it all out...

To my rescue comes: The Meal Plan and my Crock Pot!

Seriously people. Knowing what I am making every day of the week (I'm working up to a monthly Meal Plan) and cooking it in the Crock Pot is saving me. I come home to a cooked meal, clean up is simple and I have leftovers for lunch the next day. I also have enough energy to plan out my outfit for the next day and hang out with The Boy.

Not only am I only buying food which will be cooked and consumed (saving money on groceries), but I'm enabling The Boy and I to eat dinner almost immediately after I walk in the door from work! Keeping me from being in the kitchen all night.

Dinner isn't the only thing in my house undergoing improvements. I've been examining all of our routines and systems in the house lately and trying to devise some better ways to do things so we're (I'm?) less stressed and overwhelmed when life gets hectic (ie: when I'm working). My goal is to organize and simplify some of our (my?) day to day routines so we can spend more time enjoying life. It might sound a bit lofty, but I think it's achievable with a little work.

These blogs are really helping me stay focused on achieving this goal:

Six Sisters' Stuff - Amazing slow cooker recipes on this site!! I made 3 this week!

Nesting Place - This amazing blogger/mother/wife's motto is: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. This is advice I really need on the days where I feel like I have to do and be everything to everyone.

Organizing Made Fun - I specifically like this bloggers How to have a (fake) immaculate clean house posts! I'm working towards integrating these methods with my new weekly meal plan routines now that I've saved myself some time in the evenings.

The Minimalists - Strange, yes, I know. A hoarder collector like me reading a blog on minimalist living. Like The Nester, it reminds me that all of this stuff doesn't matter and that sometimes it in fact gets in my way. This blog motivates me to buy less, get rid of more and streamline my life as much as I can. Simple is good. :)

Modern Parents Messy Kids - Yes, I know, I don't have kids, but I have a messy life and this bloggers Organize Your ENTIRE Life posts are very inspiring.

I know, not much of a vintage-centric post, but this is what's on my mind lately.


Want more organizing tips? Check out my Pintrest Board on Organizing Tips for more!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


This pictures makes me laugh! Found Here

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canadian readers! *Gobble! Gobble!*
I'm taking the weekend off. See you Tuesday!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Outfits: Heat Wave

It was so hot out last Saturday! +26 degrees Celsius! I've been wearing fall coats, hats and scarves for weeks now and suddenly I was wearing  a dress and open toed shoes!

Sadly it's cooled back down a bit, but it was lovely while it lasted. Edit: I scheduled this post a few days ago assuming it would cool down, but it is in fact snowing here in Winnipeg today and I am totally amused at the irony of posting this summery outfit on the first snowfall of the season! Ah Winnipeg...

The Boy and I ran some errands on Saturday in the morning and had planned on going for a bike ride, but got distracted and it never happened. Ah well...good intentions...

This dress is a 40's housedress I bought at Ragpickers. Another one I bought years ago before I really started to hoard collect.
You've seen these shoes before. I bought them for and wore them to K & D's wedding in June.

Also! Did you notice my eyes are a little more naked than usual? I am not wearing eye liner! In fact, I've been forgoing eye liner during the day more and more these days. It felt a little weird at first. I find if I apply a little more blush my face doesn't look so pale. In actuality like it a lot! I feel like it makes me look fresh and pretty.
And as you can see, I have not cut my bangs. I'm leaving them until I actually figure out what I want to do with my hair and go the the hairdresser.

40's Green Cabbage Rose House Dress: Ragpickers
Vintage Enamel Flower Brooch: Vintage Glory
Vintage Blue Belt: thrifted
Blue and Green Wedges: Kenneth Cole Reaction
50's Bamboo Birdcage Purse: thrifted, Value Village


btw. Hello!! And Welcome to all my new readers! Thank you so much for reading and following my little corner of the internet! :) 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Inspiration: Disneybound

I did not intend on writing another inspiration post so soon, but I stumbled upon this site: Disneybound while I was surfing through Pintrest on Sunday night.
Disneybound is a tumbler site of outfits inspired by Disney characters. When someone wears one of these outfits it's called 'Disneybounding'.

Having grown up in the Disney Renaissance of the 90's, I have a bit of a soft spot for certain Disney movies. The Little Mermaid topping this list (you're not surprised are you...).

So for exhibit A I show you a Disneybound outfit inspired by Ariel:

Yes, I realize that this is a long way from being a  "vintage" outfit. And this is a vintage blog, but hey, look at it this way: The Little Mermaid came out in 1989, it's over 20 years old, technically making it vintage. Right?

Part of loving vintage is loving nostalgia and for me The Little Mermaid is nostalgia. I also love media inspiring art and for me fashion can be art. So I loved this site. 

So for you vintage lovers out there I decided to cobble my own Ariel inspired outfit together from vintage found for sale (at the time of posting) on Etsy. 

Exhibit B, a vintage Ariel inspired outfit:

The lesson here is that outfit inspiration is everywhere. If you love Disney I urge you to go check out Disneybound. I found her interpretations of Disney characters very interesting (and clearly inspiring!!). 


hipster Ariel found here

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pretty Little Purse

I'm not sure if I have mentioned it yet this summer, but I've just finished an 8 week break from work. No work at all for 8 weeks! Summer is tricky for theatre work in Winnipeg. There isn't much going on and the jobs that are available seem to only go to a select few (one of which I am not). The Boy and I decided we would be ok financially if I didn't get a part time job, so I got to have a well deserved holiday.
As a result, I've had to pinch pennies to make it through until I start back to work this week. And as a result of pinching pennies there has been little to no shopping. Especially thrift store shopping. Which has been difficult.

I did however buy myself this little purse last week. I went to Value Village with my Mom and I just couldn't leave it there. It was only $5 and I already have an event to wear it (this is how these things happen isn't it!? lol!).

My guess it that it's 60's since it's a cross body bag, it's got a 20's flapper bag vibe going on and it's made in China. Or would it be 80's? Now I've just confused myself. 
Thoughts anyone?


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