Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chip and Dipper

Like I said in yesterdays post. I scored some sweet thrift finds while touring the province.

This beauty might be the best thing I bought.

I scored this lovely 50's/60's (any experts weigh in on this? I'm not sure which it is) chip and dip set at the Steinbach MCC Thrift store for $15! It was sitting on a display table as I walked in the store and I snatched in up without hesitation.

No chips, very little wear on the hand painting. And best of all. It goes with my decor! :) *happy dance*

I'll share the rest of my haul with you tomorrow!



  1. What a seriously fantastic find! Love the design and painted tropical blooms. Very tiki appropriate, but at the same time, just as at home in classic mid-century kitchen. I concur with your estimated date, but can't for sure either which of the two decades it hails from.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you! I'm seriously smitten with it! It makes me want to invite company over so I can use it. Or maybe we should just indulge and use it anyway. :)



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