Monday, November 19, 2012

Spoils from the Road

As I said, the chip and dip set I showed you the other day wasn't my only treasure found while on the road  a week ago. Here's the rest of my loot:

I bought this sweet silk flower brooch at the Steinbach MCC Thrift Store for 25 cents. :) I am currently a little obsessed with these silk flower brooches with the fabric stems. I've got two and I'm on the hunt to add more to my collection.

This coat is not vintage, but I couldn't resist it's similarity to a sailor's peacoat. That and the asymetrical buttons. Plus it fits perfectly...I just couldn't leave it at the store!

So those are the things I bought for myself. 

These are the pieces I bought for the hoard collection. I have a serious problem people... I cannot resist a good deal on vintage. Even if it doesn't fit me! 
I am considering selling the following items. If you might be interested, email me and we can negotiate a price. I can send you measurements. We can talk about shipping cost etc...

I love men's vintage workwear. This coat is in amazing shape! It's in nearly new condition and is not stiff like lots of other canvas cotton work jackets. It's a mens small-medium, so I'm not sure if it will fit any of the men in my life. 

My favourite part is this little patch on the breast pocket. 

I also have a serious weakness for vintage straw bags. I have at least half a dozen in my collection. This one is in great shape! And it's a really nice size. A girl could keep a lot of summer essentials in this bag! :)

This 60's coat and hat set may be the best thing I bought while I was away. Unfortunately it is too big for me. I look ridiculous in it. But I just couldn't leave it in the store, it is just too awesome! 

This photo does it no justice at all, due to the fact that my mannequin is more my size and is swallowed up by the coat as well. It's WAY better in person than in this photo...

And the hat. Pure 60's goodness.

So there they are, the spoils from my week on the road. 

Hope you all had a good weekend! Happy Monday! :)



  1. I think it's awesome that you can't pass up great vintage, even if a piece isn't your size. I've toyed with buying a few such items myself over the years, but have refrained so far. I just know I'll do it one day though, especially if I find something for a complete song while out thrifting or yard saling.

    Thanks for sharing the rest of your terrific new finds with us, I especially like the beautiful floral bouquet brooch, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. That corsage is adorable, and a mere 25 cents?! So great! And the coat and hat set! I love the asymmetry of the coat you're keeping too.

  3. I like the hat and coat set and of course the corsage is so you.:)
    I wish I looked good in hats! lol

  4. such a pretty coat and -yeah- a lovely straw bag!!! great finds.

  5. back in the day...GWG was a Winnipeg company *i think*...I do remember print promotions for their jeans, and they had a mascot/branding character named, wait for it...George W. Groovy....I kid u not Lisa! Get it? GWG! Good find, nevertheless. Rock.J

  6. Love that coat! What size do you think it would fit? If you decide to sell it, I am interested!

    1. I am selling the 60's coat and matching hat as a set. On rough guess-timate I would say it's a bout a size large, but I can take some measurements and get hold of you.



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