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Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: The Ruby Slipper Vintage & Trendy Consignment - St. Anne's Road Location

The Ruby Slipper Vintage Vintage & Trendy Consignment 370 St. Anne's Road


*** out of 5

The sign outside of Ruby Slipper's St. Anne's Road location reads: "The Ruby Slipper Vintage & Trendy Consignment". When the store was located on Sargent Avenue it was called "The Ruby Slipper Vintage Shoppe". The subtle change in name, in my opinion, is no coincidence. There is a significant increase in the percentage of modern and designer consignment for sale versus vintage for sale at their newer location (the shop moved about a year and a half ago when this post was published).

This is not to say that there is no vintage available. Most of the clothing I spied while sifting through the racks hailed from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Good news for you if you love the fashions from these eras. If you adore the 40's and 50's, like I do, or even earlier eras, then Ruby Slipper may disappoint. The shop does seem to get older pieces in occasionally - as always, the trick is to know when shop at Ruby. Following them on Facebookis the best way to snag the best vintage. The shop still updates their page frequently with photos of new items, sales and other goings on.

The new store is brightly painted and has great natural light. They have much more retail floor space than the Sargent store, so the stock doesn't seem to be rotated seasonally anymore - there was a rack of fur coats for sale when I went in July. The pile of shoes is still there (if you've been to Ruby before, you know what I mean) and their selection of vintage jewelry is still very impressive.

So if you're into used modern designer duds or "newer" vintage Ruby Slipper is the place for you. If older vintage fashions get your heart racing then this shop might not make the top spot on your shopping rounds - check Facebook first before making the trek to St. Anne's Road.

See the Sargent Avenue location review here.


Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: Vintage Glory - Donald Street Location

Vintage Glory 380 Donald Avenue (between Notre Dame and Cumberland)

***** out of 5

Have you ever lost touch with a friend and then run into them somewhere and wonder why you stayed away so long? This is how I felt last week when I finally visited Vintage Glory's new location. If you're a long, long time reader of this blog you may remember my previous review of this stellar store when it resided in its Albert Street location. Some of you may also remember my heartbreak when the shop closed in 2011 to merge with the lovely ladies of  Rhymes with Orange. To me, this left a hole in the Winnipeg vintage scene and several holes in my closet - I began to buy more and more online as there was no longer a shop in town which seemed to cater to my vintage needs. But with Vintage Glory's triumphant return in the spring this year, all of that is behind us now. 

The new location is even more beautiful than the previous - Doug (the owner) has clearly spent many hours renovating and updating this space. It has plenty of vintage charm (I read the school house style lights on the main floor are from Doug's former High School, Daniel Mac); I might even say it boasts a bit of retro glamour - with it's high black painted tin ceiling and luxurious striped dressing room curtain. 
 The shop is merchandized impeccably with beautiful displays and an abundance of carefully curated vintage treasures waiting to be taken home. 

One of the features of this new location is the abundance of beautiful vintage purses and clutches provided by Doug's wife Lori. If you are looking for a show stopping bag to complete an outfit this is your place. Depending on the age and detailing of the purse, most hover around the $40-75 range. 

Please don't stop your shopping on the main floor, the new Donald Street location has a room in the basement chock full with more dresses, sweaters, blouses, menswear and an entire room dedicated to shoes!

And speaking of menswear, just as the Albert Street location was the best spot to buy men's vintage in Winnipeg, this location is no different: Leather jackets, chunky knit sweaters, military jackets and tux coats, bow ties and fedoras. Simply put, there is still no better place to buy men's vintage. 

The prices are still reasonable, but I did notice a slight increase in cost on my favourite items: dresses, suits, hats and bags. Despite this small hike in retail costs, this shop is still reasonable and affordable, especially when compared to online prices. 

Vintage Glory is a true sartorial nostalgia lovers paradise. It doesn't cater to one particular era, but carries anything and everything from turn of the century antiques to 70's disco era dresses - just like a good 'ole vintage shop should be. There is something for everyone. The store's 2 year absence from the Winnipeg vintage scene did little to diminish its impeccable qualities as a vintage store. A definite stop for anyone on the hunt for quality vintage in Winnipeg. 


Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: Debbie's Vintage

Debbie's Vintage (in the Johnston Terminal Antique Mall) 25 Forks Market Rd

*** out of 5

Debbie's Vintage does not have a physical storefront, it is a "booth" within the maze that is the Johnston Terminal Antique Mall at the Forks Market in downtown Winnipeg. Debbie emailed me a number of months ago and asked if I could stop by her booth and review her shop. Little did she know I'd already been shopping at her secret spot for a few years now.

Without any knowledge of this shop from an outside source, one may never know of its existence. And this, my dear readers is why I love reviewing local vintage shops. Some are well known, but I am thrilled to be able to share this secret little treasure trove with you all.

Debbie's section of the antique mall is tidy, organized and well kept. It's very easy to shop. Her stock is comprised entirely of women's wear (if there was men's wear there, I missed it) from the 40's to modern clothing with a retro flair.

Novice vintage shoppers beware though: there are no sales staff helping with your purchase (the antique mall has staff at the front counter to ring in sales, but they are not familiar with specific dealer stock, unfortunately) and no dressing rooms to try on clothes. So if you are not familiar with labels, construction, sizing and fit you may end up with an 80's dress that looks 50's and not the real deal since Debbie's Vintage carries a very wide range of eras. If this is not a concern for you, then shop with wild abandon!

This being said, Debbie's section of the mall is clearly well curated. Every piece is clean, well kept and in excellent condition. So even if you buy a modern piece, I assure you that it will be in great, wearable, like-new condition (I bought a modern black silk skirt on my last visit and it has been one of the best purchases I've made in ages! I love it!).

Prices in Debbie's shop are reasonable and well within what is expected in the Winnipeg vintage market.

And let me not forget the accessories! Debbie's Vintage has a plethora of beautiful accessories ranging from shoes, hats, purses, costume jewelry and even vintage glasses - most of which are behind glass. Be sure to ask staff at the front desk if you are interested in a closer look. They will be happy to help you.

On this note, if you have a burning question about one of the pieces in the "shop" the staff will typically try and call the seller to see if they are available to chat and answer your question. Debbie also has a Facebook page where I'm sure you could message her if need be.

I would recommend this little "shop" to vintage shoppers with a little more experience under their belts as you are shopping without a safety net. Otherwise, this is a fun, relatively unknown spot tucked in amongst some other beautiful vintage treasures in the heart of one of Winnipeg's best antique malls.


Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: Rhymes with Orange

Rhymes with Orange 223 McDermot Ave

**** out of 5

This review is long overdue. Rhymes with Orange has become one of Winnipeg's most successful new vintage shops.
It is co-owned by Vintage Glory's owner Doug Shand and two lovey ladies Stephanie Hiebert and Erin Theissen.

I think my hesitation in writing this review has stemmed from Steph and Erin's amazing online presence and promotion of their shop on their blog Oh So Lovely!. What more could I say? How could I contribute? Rhymes with Orange has become such a huge part of the Winnipeg Vintage landscape that I am suddenly finding it impossible not to give my two cents. 

Rhymes with Orange is more like a beautiful boutique filled with vintage than your classic vintage shop. Steph and Erin have done everything they can to make it pleasing to the eye as well as easy to shop.

The first thing you see when you walk in is the front counter filled with goodies: brooches, vintage glasses, bow ties and many other vintage accessories. And usually Erin or Steph's smiling face behind with a warm greeting (they remember their regulars!).

Before you can shop the women's section you've gotta walk through the menswear. The men's section is stocked by Doug and it easily the best place (perhaps the only decent place!?) to find men's vintage in Winnipeg. Leather jacket? yup. Band jackets? sure. Knitted sweater with a duck on the back? got those. Smoking jacket? got those too.
The men's section also carries a variety of tee-shirts, bowling shirts and western style button ups. The selection and quality that Vintage Glory once had has been carried over to this store. This is my go-to place to buy vintage menswear.

Most of the store is consumed with ladies wear. Hats and shoes are beautifully displayed along one wall  and beyond are blouses, skirts and dresses. The back of the store has a small section of vintage mid century modern housewares.

The thing I miss at Rhymes with Orange is Doug's selection of ladies vintage. Erin and Steph do an amazing job stocking the store with a variety of vintage you can't find anywhere else in the city (they make several treks to Asia every year to shop for the store! so exciting!), I find at times that some of the vintage variety is lacking for my personal taste. Doug's taste in vintage ran a bit older like mine: 30's-50's and I bought much, much more form him at his previous shop. I often leave Rhymes with Orange empty handed because most of the stock hails from the late 60's-70's. When I do find a dress in my era though, I tend to snap it up (I recently bought a gorgeous 40's dress from them that I am dying to wear!!).

I have not let this effect the star rating in this review however, RwO is a great shop with great selection for people looking to get into vintage. Their stock is pretty and right on trend - the girls really know what is in style, what sells and they get in on the racks! I must commend them for that!

I adore their accessories! If you want enamel floral brooches in bright fun colours for less than $30, this is your place! Rhymes with Orange is also the best place in Winnipeg to buy reproduction vintage sunglasses. At 2 pairs for $30 you just can't go wrong. This is where I buy my signature cat eye sunglasses.

And speaking of prices, this shop is definitely easy on the wallet. Prices are reflective of the Winnipeg vintage market - items are priced about 1/2 as much as something would sell online. For example, most day dresses are under $40.

Overall, Rhymes with Orange is a great shop! It is easy to shop and has accessible, easy to wear vintage. It is definitely the first place I bring "non-vintage" shoppers when they want to shop with me. It breaks all the stigma's associated with vintage and thrift stores.

Steph & Erin's online shop and blog:


Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: The Foundre  **The Foundre is now CLOSED** 
The Foundre 1326 Portage Ave

***1/2 out of 5

Inside The Foundre

The Foundre is a tiny little store front on Portage Avenue just east of Polo Park. If you blink, you'll miss it. The inside of this little shop is packed to the ceiling with vintage and antique treasures of all kinds. Foundre is not just a clothing store, it also carries vintage and antique housewares, tchotchkes, textiles and sometimes furniture. 

I happened upon this funny little shop driving home one of the performers who I worked with earlier this year. Upon entering, I knew I'd found a gem. Foundre is the stuff that vintage stores are made of: a vintage cornicopial feast for the eyes. I didn't know what to look at first and I must admit, I was a bit overwhelmed at first - I didn't know such a small space could hold so much stuff!

I had only taken about three steps into the shop (which for reference, took me about halfway into the store) and I met Candace - the owner. She's a lovely, friendly woman with her ear to the pulse of the vintage scene in Winnipeg. I spent the majority of my first visit chatting with her about Winnipeg, other shops and owners in town and life. 

After our chat I finished my tour of the shop - eyeballing some lovely things I was wanting to take home, but decided (on the rare occasion) to restrain myself. I've been back several times since and purchased a few things - all of which I am thrilled with. They were clean, pressed and in excellent condition. 

One of the neatest items in the shop is the turn of the century Louis Vuitton suitcase  (see picture on the right above)! I've never seen one in person before! It is available for rent for photoshoots or could be yours for the mere price of $1000! Needless to say, I drooled a bit, took a picture and left it in the store...
The shop is well lit and clean. The prices are not rock bottom, nor are they so high one might never think of purchasing something there - items in the store are happily mid range. 

The only possible downside I could see to this shop is that with such a small space it is easy to walk away empty handed - due only to the fact that there can only be so much stock on the floor at one time. 
That being said, Candace is constantly taking in consignment and new product, so frequent visits are a must! And the word about this shop seems to be spreading! It seems to me that the good stuff goes quickly. 

Diminutive size aside, The Foundre is a good old fashioned vintage shop: no smoke and mirrors to distract from the amazing vintage product. Everything is carefully arranged to the ceiling and waiting to be discovered. This is the stuff vintage dreams (and good stories!) are made of. 


Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: WildWood Rose Vintage (Winnipeg's Premier Underground Vintage Shop)

WildWood Rose Vintage309 Churchill Dr
Etsy Shop

***** out of 5

This spring I had the pleasure of meeting Patti Henderson of Etsy's WildWood Rose Vintage. I was looking for someone to buy the remaining vintage stock from my consignment at Ruby Slipper. It turns out Patti was advertising on Kijiji looking for vintage to purchase. I, of course, answered the ad and found myself in Patti's basement 3 days later.

Here's the thing about WildWood Rose: it's not just an Etsy shop. Patti also sells her stock out of her basement shop in her own home. It's tricked out with clothes racks and stuffed to the gills with quality vintage! I had heard rumblings about this underground vintage shop, but never knew how to find it! The minute I walked down the stairs I knew I'd found heaven!

Patti's shop is pretty special. Not everyone knows about it and not just anyone can drop in to shop it. You can of course buy at will from her online shop through Etsy , but if you want to peruse the goods in Patti's basement you must have an invitation. It is not open to the public. The shop is open by appointment only.

Now I'm not normally one for elitism, but knowing that I've stepped into Winnipeg's underground vintage shop makes me feel pretty cool. And I'm sure if you live in Winnipeg and are genuinely looking for something you could contact Patti (contact info is at the top of the post), or convo her through her Etsy shop and get an invite. You too can feel cool like me.

Patti is a costume designer for film and has developed her taste for vintage as well as her collection through years of working on movies in both Canada and the United States.

She was very friendly and we talked easily about vintage and Winnipeg's film community for over an hour while she sorted through my vintage and I sifted through hers. She told me she can host bachelorette parties (bring your own wine or champagne and shop till your hearts content with your gal pals!) and has been known to have an open house on weekends where anyone savvy enough to be in the loop can drop in and shop sans invitation (watch her Etsy shop announcements and Facebook page for this info)!

WildWood Rose Vintage is a well curated shop full of high quality vintage clothing from the 20's to the 70's. Everything has been cleaned and repaired prior to hitting the sales floor. I was overwhelmed looking through the racks in Patti's shop. There were so many beautiful pieces! If I was in the market for a gorgeous vintage suit or party dress, I would call Patti first.
Her shop is not confined to clothes alone, there were, of course, racks and racks of shoes, many hats and beautiful purses! Not to mention jewellery and other beauty accessories (I still have my eye on an antique Bakelite and Celluloid Vanity Set). I could spend many hours and many dollars in Patti's shop. It's been a long time since I've felt that way about shop in Winnipeg.

As for the clothes and accessories I brought in to sell, Patti was very precise about what she wanted to buy and what she did not. This impressed me. As a seller, she knows what is moving, what she can use in films she's working on and what is stagnant or unusable to her. She is not just taking anything and everything that might be considered vintage. I truly wish I had taken everything I had to her in the beginning instead of consigning at Ruby Slipper first. She bought nearly everything I brought outright and offered me top dollar for it (she even told me I had excellent taste! Flattery will get you everywhere!) and, as you would expect, did some trade for a few items I couldn't leave without. I was thrilled with the cheque she cut me and even more thrilled with my new finds!

Be warned though, you will pay top dollar for vintage in Patti's shop. Her prices are not your typical discounted Winnipeg vintage prices. They are more comparable to the internet market, but well worth the extra money.

Wildwood Rose Vintage is the kind of shop the Winnipeg vintage landscape desperately needs. Quality vintage, well curated and cared for, carrying a broad range of styles and eras for any kind of vintage clothing fanatic. It may be said that the only downside is that it does not have a brick and mortar store front in a commercial area open to the public. I wouldn't say that though. I think it's current incarnation only adds to it's allure.


The Ruby Slipper Vintage Shoppe **RUBY SLIPPER HAS MOVED to 370 St Anne's Road**

image courtesy of Google Maps Streetview

**** out of 5 

Ruby Slipper is a bit of a diamond in the rough. It's tucked away on Sargent Avenue far from any trendy district or other vintage shop. The outside of the building is unassuming and its interior is unadorned, undecorated and utilitarian.
By no means in saying this am I implying that Ruby Slipper is an inferior store. The shop does not need any fancy bells and whistles. The carefully selected stock that owner Tracy provides her customers is enough to make any trip worth while. 

Ruby Slipper is operated a little like a regular retail store; stock is rotated seasonally and if it's not moving quickly is marked down and put on sale. If you want a holiday dress, for example, November and December are the months to visit. Summer Dress? April/May is when summer stock starts to come in. Operating the store this way is a great way to keep customers happy and coming back frequently for more! I don't believe I've seen the same stuff there on any two visits. 

In spite of this seemingly positive feature, I did debate on whether I should have given this shop a 3/5 for this very reason. If, like me, you prefer older vintage (40's/50's/60's) there are definitely times to visit to make the most of your trip. Stock in these eras can be depleted and picked over "in between seasons".  A visit to the store at these times can have you leaving empty handed. However, Ruby does sell some modern, trendy and designer clothing. These items seem to fill gap at these "in between season" times.  If you're looking for something in particular it's imperative to know when Tracey stocks the store. And thankfully in the electronic information age we live in, phone call to find this information out isn't even necessary. Ruby Slipper is very active on their Facebook page and update store activity, sales and new stock frequently.
After some consideration, I decided on a 4/5 review due to the fact that I have, in actuality, only left the store empty handed a few times. And this, of course, is to be expected when shopping for vintage. The trick with Ruby, as I've said, is to know when to visit. 

If you do visit Ruby Slipper and Tracy is working be prepared for a chat! She's a fast talkin' gal who knows her stock and her customers inside and out. She has a keen eye for sizes (on my first visit she told me the size 6 dress in my hand would be too small...she was right. I fit a size 8 in her store) and will help point you towards the good stuff among the vast amount of stock, saving you time digging while you shop. 

Ruby Slipper also offers consignment and will make house calls for large collections. They offer a 50/50 consignment rate, which, I believe to be one of the best rates in the city. Do be warned though, Ruby will only take items that are clean, undamaged, appropriate for the upcoming season and a good fit for their customers. 

Overall, Ruby Slipper is a great vintage shop and worth the trip to its obscure location. The stock is typically well curated and varied enough to suit any vintage aficionado's taste.


Ragpickers Anitfashion Emporium Costumes & Books216 McDermot Ave
**RAGPICKERS McDermot Location has closed! They are in trasition - check their Facebook page for Pop Up Shop updates and other information**

(An updated review of Ragpickers is in the works! Watch this space!)

**** out of 5

Ragpickers seems to be the premiere vintage go-to store in Winnipeg. It is both a costume shop (which has recently expanded due to their purchase of the costumes from Mallabar Apparels!) and a vintage clothing store. The coolest thing about this combination is if you need a great 70’s outfit for that disco party on Saturday night, you can rent it from either the costume rental section at the back of the store or vintage items for sale at the front as long as it’s not a consignment piece. Most costume rentals range from $10 and up (for individual pieces) and $35-$65 for entire outfits including accessories, making them the cheapest costume shop in town!

Want to make a little extra money or get rid of some vintage clothes in your own closet? Ragpickers will gladly take them off your hands! They buy vintage items outright and also offer consignment. Just make sure to call ahead and make an appointment before you show up with your stuff!

Ragpickers' vintage clothing selection is by far the largest in Winnipeg in my experience. They have it all, ranging from the 40’s right up to the questionable “vintage” 80’s. There’s something for everyone. (But please note: I find the men’s section a bit sparse at times! Other times it's full of great finds! Shop at your own risk!)

They also have a large collection of accessories for sale, ranging from hats, gloves, jewelry, ties, suspenders, clutches, purses, sunglasses etc…Lots of cool things to look at!

There is also a large book section on the second floor as well as a small theatre which is available for bookings (and also houses BYOV Venue 13 during the Fringe Festival!).

Their location is easy to find as well, located right off Main St in an old three storey Salvation Army hospital. The building is a perfect place for a vintage shop, full of turn of the century charm painted in wacky colours.

There are, of course, always a few downsides. Ragpickers’ selection does not seem to vary much from visit to visit. (Although I may be a little biased as I mainly look for vintage pieces from the 40’s-early 60’s. These things just don’t come by Ragpickers’ way too often I suppose). They also don’t upkeep their vintage items as I have experienced in other vintage shops. Clothes are hung and priced “as is” which can be both good and bad.

Also, don’t ask if the items in the costume section are for sale, they are defiantly not; which at times makes my little heart skip a beat with sadness that I can never own some of the wonderful things they have in their rental section. But do go look, their costume section is full of wonderful pieces.

The lighting in the store is also quite dark, which can be annoying when checking a piece for flaws, but sometimes the staff will let you take something outside to have a better look if you’re a truly interested buyer.

This is another spot of contention for me at times, the staff. It seems to rotate and change every few years. Sometimes the girls who work there are fantastic, helpful and knowledgeable, but there have been a few here and there who have been downright mean and make you feel like you’re inconveniencing them when asking them a question.

On the other hand, Kristin Andrews, the owner is always downright pleasant and a joy to talk to. (She’s the one with the curly hair and the 50’s horned rimmed glasses running around like a busy bee) She seems to know everyone in the neighbourhood and is a wonderful uplifting presence in the store. I always enjoy my visits when she’s there!

All in all, Ragpickers is a must-visit for any vintage fashion lover, but put aside and hour or more, there is a lot to take in and look at!


Vintage Glory88 Albert St. **VINTAGE GLORY HAS REOPENED!! Now located at to 380 Donald St**
(204) 946-5212

(See New Review Above!)

***** out of 5

Vintage Glory is my favorite vintage store in Winnipeg. They were previously located in the basement of Hooper’s under the name “Vintage Underground” until they moved topside to its current location on 88 Albert St under the name Vintage Glory.

The owner, Doug is great. On my first visit to his location at Hoopers I spent nearly an hour talking to him about vintage clothes, the vintage market in Winnipeg and how he amassed his wonderful collection with his late wife Lana. Every piece in the store comes from Doug’s personal collection. He tells me he has a house full of delightful vintage treasures of all shapes and sizes (how exciting!)! This is where the impetus to open a store came from. Doug tells me the collection was taking over his house.

Well I for one am glad for it! Unlike many vintage stores in the city, Vintage Glory is restocked with new goodies very frequently (If I didn’t spend nearly $100 every time I walk in, I would go once a week for this exact reason). Doug also go to the pains of repairing damaged goods before they hit the sales floor. I also find the prices unbeatable!

Good men’s vintage is becoming a hard thing to come by in Winnipeg and Vintage Glory is the answer. Vintage Glory is the place to go if you like fedoras, 70’s shoes, cool smoking jackets, vintage tees and the best selection of vintage leather jackets I have ever seen (and as always, there is so much more!)!

And don’t even get me started on the ladies clothes (I could write a novel!)! If you like shoes and jewelry, Vintage Glory has an amazing selection. I was also pleased to find out that they sell full square dancing crinolines for under $100 (I am currently coveting a pink one they have in stock). And of course the ladies clothing is wonderful and regularly restocked.

The store itself is on the smaller side, but bright and cheerful nonetheless.

As you can see, I really have nothing negative to say about Vintage Glory, it has become my favorite place to shop in the past year.

If you love vintage clothes like I do and find yourself in the Exchange District in Winnipeg, go to Vintage Glory! Just tell Doug that Lisa sent you!


Value Village, Salvation Army, Goodwill Etc…Various Locations
(See the local Yellow Pages for addresses and phone numbers)

** out of 5

I decided that I couldn’t do a post about the vintage clothing stores in Winnipeg without reviewing the thrift stores as well. Winnipeg is after all home to thousands of bargain hunters and so this review listing wouldn’t be complete without them. I have also decided to lump all of these stores together as my comments from store to store seem to have been very similar.

These are usually the last places I go especially if I’m looking for something in particular, but they are good when I’m in the mood to hunt or for a great bargain! Nothing is better than finding a great vintage piece at a regular thrift store for a fraction of the cost.

But I find here in Winnipeg the vintage pickings have become slim in thrift stores. My sister used to work for Value Village (which I hear is now owned by Walmart) in Thunder Bay and she said they have a screening process for clothes before they hit the sales floor. Anything heavily stained, clothes with holes, broken zippers or incredibly damaged gets thrown out! She said the number of vintage pieces with minimal wear and tear which landed in the dumpster was depressing. And forget about picking through Value Villages’ dumpsters to rescue these discarded treasures, Value Village charges dumpster divers with a trespassing fine!!

I remember once upon a time when thrift stores appeared to be full of vintage goodies, but I seem to think that there is a collective awareness among the public these days that grandma’s old dresses are valuable to some people and there is money to be made. So the number of vintage clothes in these regular thrift stores has seemingly decreased.

Where I usually have luck at these locations is with shoes, bags, scarves and coats. Vintage housewares and furniture also appear more frequently in these locations, again, at a fraction of the cost these items may be at an antique store (Just a few years ago I bought an amazing 20’s couch and matching chair for only $140!).

Now, that being said, if you’re someone who likes 80’s clothes (which I do not really consider vintage since I was born in the 80's), thrift stores would be the first place I would look. As this is newer vintage, having only been 20 years or so ago, the abundance in these stores is great. Vintage clothing stores charge a lot more for 80’s items than you would pay at a regular thrift store.

Let’s not forget to mention thrift stores in small rural towns. When visiting I usually ask someone who appears to live in town where the thrift store is (get ready for a weird look before they tell you!). I have found these places to be an untapped resource for great vintage finds (I feel the need to mention my amazing 70’s take on a 40’s dress I bought for $1 in the Gimli thrift store!). So if you’ve got the means, head out of town and have a look! Plus there’s always the added advantage of “the great story” that will accompany your new treasure (When in Gimli one woman in the thrift store said as I bought about $20 worth of stuff at their ‘Everything for $1 Sale’ “Boy! You sure like this old stuff!” Those are my favorite stories.).

A quick note on appearance and “retail help” at these types of stores (this is a review after all!): Don’t expect any “retail help” at these stores. They are by and large a help yourself kinds of places. The staff are only there to ring you through the till, stock the floor and keep the store clean. As far as appearance goes, every beast is a little different. Some stores have a clean, bright, box store type of feel to them and some are downright dark and unorganized with everything in-between.

Overall, I find regular thrift stores are fun to visit if you don’t have any expectations. Visit them for the thrill of the hunt and the surprising stories that may accompany your found treasures!


Know of a Thrift or Vintage Store in Winnipeg or the surrounding area you'd like to see reviewed?
email me at


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