Monday, September 30, 2013

The Miser of Middlegate

Here's the official plug for my latest work project. A new play by my friend Carolyn Gray:

zone41 theatre & Theatre Projects Manitoba present

   Dark days have come for Winchell, our modern day miser.  He is faced with the most dynamic situation of his life: he must woo his wife back so he won’t have to pay her out in divorce court, and cure his recently engaged daughter Emily of the matrimonial urge, so he won’t have to pay for a wedding – ever!  A cheeky and irreverent romp into the lives of one entrepreneurial Winnipeg family.

  Carolyn Gray’s modern version of Molière’s classic satire is part screwball comedy and part sex farce – it’s erratic, irrational and unconventional.  Expect spit takes, slapstick, verbal sparring and a whole lot of doors!  Exploring family, love and money, The Miser of Middlegate expertly balances humour while sharply critiquing our culture obsessed with acquisition. 

We've been working long hours in the last few days incorporating the set and technical elements into this amazing play. After watching it over and over for a month straight I am still laughing! It's not to be missed! If you live in the Winnipeg area I highly recommend coming out to see this show. 

Click here to buy tickets!


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wishlist: Retro Enamel Brooch

I have a thing for brooches. Any kind is good, but recently I've developed a tiny obsession with enamel flower brooches.

I found this repro on Etsy last week at AliciasOddities and considering my blog name I'm pretty sure I need to buy myself one of these:

buy it here!

Isn't it cute?!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Halloween Haul

It may seem a little early to be mentioning Halloween, but this is the best time of year to shop for vintage.

Thrift stores who deem anything vintage a "costume" flood the rack with beauties from bygone eras for low prices. I'm in a thrift store at least once a week this time of year.

I ventured out yesterday and brought home these goodies.

Three amazing dresses. The pink one and shiny one don't fit me, but the black and white one fits perfectly!

I bought the men's western shirt to sell, but I'm thinking about making the kimono jacket my new housecoat. It's a large, but looks kinda cute belted on me. We'll see...

The embroidery on the men's shirt is in perfect condition!

Perhaps the best haul of the day: a tooled leather purse! I may also sell this one as I have one I love already. The bamboo clutch I'm keeping for sure though. It's amazing! 


Saturday, September 14, 2013


TGIS! Last day of the work week (for me, anyway)!

This is what I had planned on wearing on Thursday. Better late than never, right?

I've really got nothin' today. Just counting down the hours here at work until the end of the day. I am ready for my day off.

Vintage Wooden Beaded Necklace: Vintage Glory
Red and White Striped Cardigan: Forever21
Red Polka Dotted Blouse: Smart Set
Jeans: Forever21
Red Flats: Joe Fresh


Friday, September 13, 2013


Another unplanned, on-the-fly outfit (more black...).
One more day of work tomorrow and one more outfit for you all. Sunday is my day off - you won't see me then.

Hope you've been enjoying this week as much as I have!

Vintage Polka Dot Headscarf: can't remember...I've had it for ages
50's Pearl and Rhinestone Bow Necklace: Ragpickers
Black Tee: Le Chateau
Black Belt: was Aunt Mary's
Denim Capris: Ricki's
Black Flats: Walmart


Thursday, September 12, 2013


I had a completely different outfit planned for today (it's hanging on the clothing rack and white striped sweater...), but just wanted to wear my leopard print skinnies so badly this morning I threw that plan out the window. 

So are you catching on to the work outfit formula yet? It's kindof foolproof. I have a number of standby outfits when I haven't planned ahead - this is one of them. I love this outfit so much! 

Vintage Beaded Turquoise Necklace: thrifted, Value Village
No Doubt Concert Tee: bought at the No Doubt concert a few years ago
Vintage Black Sequin Cardigan: Etsy
Studded Belt: Jacob
Leopard Skinnies: Le Chateau
Runners: Converse


Wednesday, September 11, 2013


So this is what happens when I don't plan my outfit the night before. I end up wearing black from head to toe. It's not terrible, but this is the result.

Nothing sends an outfit into "vintage world" like these glasses. They're always the cherry on top ot the outfit sundae.

Vintage Glasses: Grandma Cotton's glasses
Rhinestone Bow Brooch: thrifted
Polka Dot Tee: thrifted
Vintage Circle Buckle Belt: was Aunt Mary's
Black Trousers: Jacob
Black Flats: Walmart


Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Snappy title huh?! lol! I got nothin...

Here's today's outfit offering. A variation on yesterday: modern top and pants with vintage and thrifted accessories.
I love this tee from Joe Fresh. Sequin polka dots? Yes please. A little vintage with the enamel flower brooch and my Grandma Cotton's pearls and some leopard print flats. Comfy and I think a bit chic too.

Vintage Pearl Necklace: Gift from Mom, was Grandma Cotton's
60's Enamel Floral Brooch: Rhymes with Orange
Sequin Polka Dot Tee: Joe Fresh
Brown Leather Belt: from Grandma Nelson
Navy Skinny Trousers: Jacob
Leopard Print Flats: thrifted, Value Village


Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, Monday...

Here I am looking cheeky this morning for the first of this weeks series of outfits! lol! 

This is a typical work look: Modern shirt and pants with vintage touches. The necklace is a vintage 60's  rhinestone and beaded beauty I picked up at Value Village (I couldn't resist the sparkle!). I also love a little tough girl element to any outfit. This would be the studded belt here. And flats. Gotta wear flats to work (unfortunately), so I have a lot of them. I love the vintage feel these brogues give to this outfit (which are a bit hard to see on the bold carpet in my dressing room). Hair is up because I slept in (hello...monday.) and it needs to be washed! 

So there you have it folks! Day one! See you tomorrow!

60's Rhinestone and Bead Necklace: thrifted, Value Village
Black and White Striped Top: Joe Fresh
Studded Belt: Jacob
Green Skinny Trousers: Jacob
Brogues: Aldo


Sunday, September 8, 2013


Just popping in quick to say hi!  This was my first week back in rehearsal. Needless to say I'm pretty always takes some time to adjust to the long days and 6 day a week schedule.

I've been thinking about the blog all week - thinking about a game plan to keep blogging while working It's a balance I have yet to master.

Until then, to keep myself motivated, I'll be posting a daily outfit every day for the next week starting tomorrow! Kinda like my outfit a day challenge I did in June a few years ago.

I never post work outfits. I never feel they're worthy of the blog, but it could be fun to show you the casual side of my wardrobe. I'd love to know what you think!

Vintage Headscarf: thrifted
Blue and White Striped Tee: Joe Fresh
Necklace: Pickupsticks Jewelry
Jeans: Forever21

See you tomorrow!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Inspiration: This Girl

It's the first day of September and the temperature here is cooler than it has been all summer. We're still expecting some hot days at the end of this week, but I'm already thinking about my fall wardrobe.
This image has been inspiring my fall wardrobe dreams:

There is nothing about this outfit I don't love. I will be trying to re-create it for fall. 


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