Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Snappy title huh?! lol! I got nothin...

Here's today's outfit offering. A variation on yesterday: modern top and pants with vintage and thrifted accessories.
I love this tee from Joe Fresh. Sequin polka dots? Yes please. A little vintage with the enamel flower brooch and my Grandma Cotton's pearls and some leopard print flats. Comfy and I think a bit chic too.

Vintage Pearl Necklace: Gift from Mom, was Grandma Cotton's
60's Enamel Floral Brooch: Rhymes with Orange
Sequin Polka Dot Tee: Joe Fresh
Brown Leather Belt: from Grandma Nelson
Navy Skinny Trousers: Jacob
Leopard Print Flats: thrifted, Value Village


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