Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: Vintage Glory - Donald Street Location

Vintage Glory 380 Donald Avenue (between Notre Dame and Cumberland)

***** out of 5

Have you ever lost touch with a friend and then run into them somewhere and wonder why you stayed away so long? This is how I felt last week when I finally visited Vintage Glory's new location. If you're a long, long time reader of this blog you may remember my previous review of this stellar store when it resided in its Albert Street location. Some of you may also remember my heartbreak when the shop closed in 2011 to merge with the lovely ladies of  Rhymes with Orange. To me, this left a hole in the Winnipeg vintage scene and several holes in my closet - I began to buy more and more online as there was no longer a shop in town which seemed to cater to my vintage needs. But with Vintage Glory's triumphant return in the spring this year, all of that is behind us now. 

The new location is even more beautiful than the previous - Doug (the owner) has clearly spent many hours renovating and updating this space. It has plenty of vintage charm (I read the school house style lights on the main floor are from Doug's former High School, Daniel Mac); I might even say it boasts a bit of retro glamour - with it's high black painted tin ceiling and luxurious striped dressing room curtain. 
 The shop is merchandized impeccably with beautiful displays and an abundance of carefully curated vintage treasures waiting to be taken home. 

One of the features of this new location is the abundance of beautiful vintage purses and clutches provided by Doug's wife Lori. If you are looking for a show stopping bag to complete an outfit this is your place. Depending on the age and detailing of the purse, most hover around the $40-75 range. 

Please don't stop your shopping on the main floor, the new Donald Street location has a room in the basement chock full with more dresses, sweaters, blouses, menswear and an entire room dedicated to shoes!

And speaking of menswear, just as the Albert Street location was the best spot to buy men's vintage in Winnipeg, this location is no different: Leather jackets, chunky knit sweaters, military jackets and tux coats, bow ties and fedoras. Simply put, there is still no better place to buy men's vintage. 

The prices are still reasonable, but I did notice a slight increase in cost on my favourite items: dresses, suits, hats and bags. Despite this small hike in retail costs, this shop is still reasonable and affordable, especially when compared to online prices. 

Vintage Glory is a true sartorial nostalgia lovers paradise. It doesn't cater to one particular era, but carries anything and everything from turn of the century antiques to 70's disco era dresses - just like a good 'ole vintage shop should be. There is something for everyone. The store's 2 year absence from the Winnipeg vintage scene did little to diminish its impeccable qualities as a vintage store. A definite stop for anyone on the hunt for quality vintage in Winnipeg. 


Monday, November 25, 2013

Inspiration: Dita Von Teese - Winter Chic

As we settle into winter I have been fighting the urge to hibernate in jeans and long sleeve t-shirts layered under sweaters. Chic, cozy, winter dressing is possible and who better to gain inspiration from than Dita?

Here are my pics for chic winter dressing via the Queen of Burlesque:

I LOVE this look - particularly because I am smitten with the resurgence of the tea length skirt this winter. I would, of course, add tights to this outfit.

Surprise, surprise, an all black outfit. I would wager that nothing Ms Von Teese is wearing in this photos is actual vintage, but look at the power of a curled 'do and a red lip - it adds instant old world glamour to black sweater and skirt.

It would be blasphemy not to include a look with a great coat - since in my part of the world it's the fashion item most people see in the winter when you're out and about. As far as I'm concerned you MUST have a great winter coat and co-ordinating accessories. It's a fashion saver for any manner of outfit. I love this military inspired coat paired with thick tights and pretty shoes.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Outfits: My Dream Coat and a Quick Hello

Hello!! It's been a week or so since I've showed my face 'round these parts. I've been busy with lots of things.

Work has started up again. We open officially in a week. I'm currently working at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre on this show(they have a strict social media policy, so that link is all I'll be posting in regards to this project -it's fantastic though and if you live in Winnipeg I highly recommend it). So, as usual, work is keeping me pretty busy.

This past weekend I was interviewed by Shaw TV Winnipeg as part of a new series featuring Winnipeg bloggers. That was incredibly exciting! We did some thrift shopping and then shot some clips at my house too. I will be sure to let you know when the episode airs and post a vid or a link! Many, many hours were spent scrutinizing my outfit...let me tell you! haha!

Otherwise, it's been business as usual - trying to juggle time with friends and family with my busy work schedule, as well as trying to keep the "blogger guilt" at bay as I found myself too busy to post.

Oh! And the snow has finally settled in to stay here. So I finally got to wear my Vintage Dream Coat. Big smiles over here about that.

click the image for a larger view

Black Wool Beret: thrifted
Vintage Dream Coat: thrifted, Value Village
Best Purse in the Whole Damn World!!: thrifted, Value Village
Black Tights: ?? had them so long I can't remember..
Black Booties: G21 - Walmart


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Minxy Vintage: How to Customize and Wear Vintage Clothing. A Review

I can't remember now how I first heard about this book. Probably some random internet meanderings...needless to say I read about it, curiosity took over and about 20 minutes later I'd ordered it on Amazon.

Aesthetically, it's a beautiful book. Lovely textured hardcover and glossy pages filled with stunning photos. It even has a little ribbon bookmark. A pretty book worthy of any coffee table.

I have mixed feelings about the content, however. It is beautifully written - somewhat flowery, somewhat conversational. But I would argue that this book is more inspirational rather than a "How To" book as the title claims.

The book is separated into chapters, each one dedicated to a different type of clothing to be re-invented: dresses, wedding wear, jackets and coats, tops and blouses, skirts etc...
Each chapter begins with a double page spread called "Work in Progress" showing a few of the items before Kelly customized them along with sketches and notes about the work to be done - kindof like a scrapbook or inspiration board. The following pages show Kelly modelling her  custom work in beautiful photos alongside a personal story about each item and a quick overview of the work she did to  customize each piece.

I was disappointed that there were not before, in-progress and after shots of each piece. You only get to see styled, editorial "after" shots of most of the items and in some cases it's difficult to see what the piece looks like due to the nature of the photograph. For the clothing featured with before photos in the "Work in Progress" section I had to flip back and forth to compare - which I found a bit annoying.
I also couldn't help but wish for some more details - photos, step by step details etc. - about how she revamped each piece. I found her descriptions quick and a bit of a tease - I wanted to know more!

If you are new to vintage, have some basic sewing techniques in your back pocket, find yourself falling for pieces with a bit too much wear and don't know how to fix them I would recommend this book for inspiration only. If you are a beginner seamstress, however, this book will not be helpful - Kelly is clearly a skilled seamstress and assumes the reader knows what she does. At times her 'restoration' instructions are too vague for even a intermediate seamstress like myself to follow.

So, in terms of a "How To" book it's a bit of a fail for me. This being said, I am not disappointed with my purchase. I found her ideas very inspiring - particularly how she dyes vintage clothing to make it new. This is something I'm now keen to try more of on different items. My favourites were a dyed wedding dress (see the centre image in the picture collage below), a dyed girdle and dyed cardigan.
I am also inspired to deconstruct dresses with too much wear into either a skirt and or a blouse (see the bottom left corner of the photo collage for an example of a dress made skirt in Kelly's book).
I already employ most of her techniques in regards to cleaning, repairing, re-beading, taking in and hemming - so this was nothing new to me. I have on occasion revamped a piece entirely, but I find it rather time consuming. Kelly makes it look so good though I'm considering pulling some half finished projects out of the closet for another round.

If you love beautiful books and are keen for some inspiration I would recommend Minxy Vintage. If you are looking for a step by step guide on how to alter and restore vintage clothing, keep moving, this book isn't for you.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Inspiration: All Black for Fall

This fall I am obsessed with wearing all black - which is a sharp turn from my bright summer wardrobe.

There is just something about an all black outfit that is chic, easy and enveloping.

I love this girl's look - even though the fur isn't black. It's a nice touch and gives the outfit a focal point and a place for your eye to rest.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out my Pintrest board Black is the New Black
Or peruse my archives Outfits: Black and White


Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Weekend in Havana

Ok, I didn't really spend the weekend in Havana.
The title is in reference to my Halloween costume - I went as Carmen Miranda!

I rented this costume from my former place of work: Harlequin Costume and Dance. It was built when I worked there and I have always loved it. I had a big party to go to last night. I wanted to wear a fun, vintage inspired costume and just couldn't get this one out of my head. I knew I had to wear it.
The jewelry and shoes were all bought by me for this costume.

Costumes usually inspire me to do lots of research and this one was no different. I didn't know much about Carmen before I decided to emulate her last night, but now I'm a big fan!

After some research I discovered my costume was inspired by Carmen Miranda's performance of 'Samba-Boogie" in Something for the Boys.

screenshots sourced here

More specifically, I remember the inspiration coming from this paper doll book that we had at the store. You can see my costume there on the left. 

We had a great time at our party and my costume was a big hit! I'm already starting to think about next year! haha!

How was your Halloween? What did you dress up as?

Lisa.xo   aka. Carmen

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