Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Outfits: Addicted to Polka-Dots

I just can't help myself. I bought this dress from Goodwill a couple days ago. I couldn't resist the combination of navy, pearlized buttons and of course, polka-dots.
All I could think today while I wore it was "Just add Doc Martens, remove the belt and Hello 1994!!" haha!

I do love to wear a summer dress layered for fall and winter though. I love to stretch my wardrobe like that. I feel like it's a super power of mine.

White Trench: Joe
Rhinestone Necklace: Thrifted
Grey Blazer: Jolt
Navy Polka-Dotted Dress: Thrifted
White Long Sleeve Tee: Ricki's
White Skinny Belt: Thrifted
Grey Tights: Joe
Grey Mary Janes: Aldo
Recycled Seat Belt Shoulder Bag: U.S.E.D

I think Mad Men is officially invading my life. My hair feels like it's got a bit of a 60's vibe today. Happy Wednesday!


Monday, September 13, 2010

Outfits: New Velvet Blazer

I hope I don't dissapoint with this outfit, it's a little more trendy/modern than most of the outfits Iusually wear. Sometimes Fall weather makes me want to try out trends.

The jeggings really make the whole thing very modern. It would be a totally different outfit with a skirt or a slim legged trouser. I bought them at Ricki's and haven't worn them until now. I'm still not sure I'm a jeggings kinda gal. You definately wouldn't catch me in a pair of leggings, but somehow the denim made it ok for me to give them a go. What do you think?

At any rate, this is my new blazer from Jacob! Isn't it the best?!?! It was a total impulse purchase! I saw it and HAD TO HAVE IT! I should have taken a pic of the back. It's cut high to the waist in the back and comes down to the points in the front. I just love it! It's kindof got a Circus Ringmaster vibe to it (if a Circus Ringmaster wore pink velvet...)

Anyway, this is what I wore to work today.

50's Pearl and Rhinestone Bow Necklace: Ragpickers
Leopard Print Scarf: Ricki's
Black Lace Cami: Thrifted
Black V-Neck Tunic: Smart Set
Jeggings: Ricki's
Brogues: Aldo
Black Patent Purse: Thrifted

I'm not used to taking photos with the new furniture. I feel like my photos are all over the place today. It will take some getting used to I guess. That being said, I wouldn't trade the new for the old (although we still have the old couch and chair on the basement.)


Sneak Preview

Here's a peek of my outfit today. I bought a fabulous new jacket at Jacob last week and I've been dying to share it with you.

I don't have time to take full photos of my outfit before work today, so I thought I would tease you a bit before I shoot and post them after work today.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Decorating Update!

I've been MIA for a few days because we've been getting ready to have our new furniture delivered!! YEAH!!

It's been a big job! The Boy and I moved our old furniture (all very heavy!!) into the basement on Thursday night and cleaned the living room. Friday was spent in anticipation as we waited for the movers to arrive. After they left, we spent the rest of the evening on our new couch decided what we would buy next!

As a reminder, here's the Before:

And the New and Improved After!!

I still have two more pillows to make out of the drape fabric. They're in pieces on the dining room table waiting to be sewn. We also have to hang pictures. Next on our list to buy is a rug and a new coffee table. Exciting!!

For a peek at the coffee table and other items on the want list click here to see my last post!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outfits: My Favorite Shorts

I bought these shorts last year at Value Village. It took me a while to actually wrap my head around wearing them. I was not sure about the high waist and the pleated front. But I knew I liked them. I don't know what happened, but somehow I got past it. Now they're one of the best pieces in my wardrobe! I wear them a lot.

This is another work outfit:

Green Rhinestone Brooch: Ragpickers
Burgandy Cardigan: Jacob
Cream Short Sleeve Sweater: Jacob
Highwaisted Polka Dotted Shorts: Thrifted
Black Patent Belt: Laura
Black Tights: Indestructables
T-Strap Shoes: Spring
Patent Purse: Thrifted
Ring: My Grandmother's family ring


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oufits: High Collars and Pearls

I'm posting this far later than I was hoping to. Dinner with The Boy's family ran late, then we had to go to the drug store for deodorant and cough medicine. Right Guard doesn't make the kind of deodorant The Boy usually wears anymore so we spent at least 20 minutes smelling every kind of men's anti-persperant available. (For the record, I would never want my man to smell like The Old Spice Man. The new scents are not that good in my opinion.) So it took us longer to get home than I thought it would.

But I digress...this is what I wore to work today.

This outfit was the result of me not wanting to wear anything too involved or complicated today. The days are starting to be cool as well so a sweater was in order. So I thought classic and a little preppy fit the bill nicely.

Check out my new lipstick! I bought  Viva Glam Cyndi from the MAC store on Sunday! Love it! It's beautiful coral/berry shade. Perfect for daytime. I've worn it everyday.

Faux Pearls: Thrifted
High Collar Blouse: Winners
Purple V-Neck Cardigan: Joe
Denim Capris: Ricki's
Purple Patent Oxfords: Bleka


Wishlist: What Katie Did

Okay, I know What Katie Did is no secret to a vintage loving gal. But I was browsing thier site yesterday and it occured to me how terrible it is that I don't own anything they sell!!! (The exchange from Euros to Canadian dollars quite frankly scares me a little. I think it's kindof ourtrageous. Plus shipping. Maybe I can convince The Boy to buy me a Christmas present we both can enjoy.)

Here are a few things on my list right now:

Fully Fashioned Stockings (in Black and Nude Please!)

15 Denier Contrast Seamed Stockings Nude w/Black Seam (as shown)

Harlow Underwire Bra and Deep Knickers (love the peach colour! So much better than nude!)

Harlow Deep Suspender Belt (to go with my bra and knickers of course!)

White Glamour Merry Widow

That's just to start I think. If you have never been to their site, please go look. Even if just to browse. It's really wonderful!

Sorry for being MIA for a couple days. My Labour Day weekend was very low key. I barely left the house. It was great!

Stay tuned this afternoon for an outfit post!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Inspiration: Outfits I've Been Collecting/Good-bye Summer

What a lazy day we've had around here! We were out quite late watching the races at Gimli last night. The Boy, Dave and I slept in until 1:00pm, then layed on the couch watching more Mad Men until about 5:00pm.
So in lieu of any outfit photos (of which there are none, unless you want to see me with no makeup in my pj's. I assure you, you don't) I thought I would share a few outfits I've saved on my computer. Warning: they are very summery. I guess this is my good-bye to summer.

Here they are:

From HEL LOOKS. I recognized Riikka right away. I used to love her blog. (for the life of me I can't remember what it was called) She has such cool style. I would wear this outfit any day of the week! I especially love the brooch and the hat!

I snagged this photo from The Sartorialist a few weeks ago. I adore this look. I could not find the right pair of shorts to emulate it this summer. Maybe next summer. To me it's a perfect mix of trendiness and vintage. I want this girls sunglasses!!

This photo is from All the Pretty Birds. She looks so classy, but it has a very easy feel to it. She's not trying too hard. I love it. This is a very "Lisa" outfit. What struck me about it though was the blue/pink colour combination. Something to try I think.

The Boy and I have just been invited out to our friend's place tonight to a hot tub party! Fun! I love hot-tubbing in the fall! I'm off to go get my bathing suit on! Have a great night!


Friday, September 3, 2010

Outfits: $1 Dress

I love this dress! I bought it for $1 dollar at the Gimli Thrift store! Score! It's a 70's take on ther 40's. I have a few pieces like this in my wardrobe.

I'm wearing this to work today (I really match my walls and my curtains today! What can I say? I love green!):

Pink Brooch: Thrifted
Green Cardigan: Smart Set
70's Floral Dress: Thrifted
White Belt: Thrifted
White Socks: Walmart
80's Burgandy Shell Purse: Ragpickers
Peep Toe Shoes: Kensie

TGIF! (Plus! Happy Labour Day weekend to all of you in Canada and the States!) Tonight The Boy and I are off to night racing at the Gimli Speedway. (This is a Gimli filled post then isn't it?) I will be wearing something more appropriate to cool evenings and bugs.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Outfits: Little Black Cloud

It will not stop raining here! I guess fall has finally arrived. I've got mixed emotions. I'm sad that the warm weather is gone, but I really missed my fall clothes. I had fun getting dressed this morning!

I'm wearing this to work today:

Also! Check out my new drapes! One or two more weeks and my new chair will arrive!! Can't wait!

Black Beret: Joe
Rhinestone Necklace: Thrifted
Grey Cotton Blazer: Jolt
Sequin Tank Top: Ricki's Sample Sale
80's Black Wool Polka Dotted Skirt: Oscar de la Renta
Grey Wool Pumps with Bow: Joe

Happy Thursday!


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