Friday, September 3, 2010

Outfits: $1 Dress

I love this dress! I bought it for $1 dollar at the Gimli Thrift store! Score! It's a 70's take on ther 40's. I have a few pieces like this in my wardrobe.

I'm wearing this to work today (I really match my walls and my curtains today! What can I say? I love green!):

Pink Brooch: Thrifted
Green Cardigan: Smart Set
70's Floral Dress: Thrifted
White Belt: Thrifted
White Socks: Walmart
80's Burgandy Shell Purse: Ragpickers
Peep Toe Shoes: Kensie

TGIF! (Plus! Happy Labour Day weekend to all of you in Canada and the States!) Tonight The Boy and I are off to night racing at the Gimli Speedway. (This is a Gimli filled post then isn't it?) I will be wearing something more appropriate to cool evenings and bugs.



  1. great blog - just discovered it and added it to my blogroll!

  2. Hello Lisa. What a nice blog! You have a really nice style, and I love the colour green as well, so I just had to click that follow button. :)

  3. $1? A steal of a deal! I love the colors of this outfit. They're a little unexpected, and they work together really well! The purse especially is incredible.

  4. Very pretty dress and I love how you wore those shoes and socks. I would always wear socks like those with those shoes, so seductive where the white peeks out. I bet you got a lot of compliments!


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