Sunday, August 22, 2010

Living and Dining Rooms: The Next Phase

I'm still having coughing fits and still not ready for public viewing.

So I thought I would share another couple rooms in my house with you. I've already shown you my kitchen. Which is still in the same state it was when I posted that picture. I'm waiting for The Boy's Dad to get well from surgery he had a few weeks ago. Then we'll be tackling painting the walls. Then the cupboards. *Whew* That will be a BIG job.

But first: A few Before photos of the living and dining rooms while we were prepping to paint. As you can see, there were A LOT of dings on the walls.

The Living Room

The Dining Room

Here are their current states:

The Living Room

You've seen this corner before!

The Dining Room

This week The Boy and I will be hanging curtain rods. Bought at Walmart. And I will begin tackling sewing drapes and pillows.

The curtains will primarily be the print with about a foot and a half band of the blue on the bottom.

Curtain Finial.

In the next week or two we will also be ordering this couch and chair from Urban Barn (my new place of employment!).

This sofa has the most AMAZING leather! And it's SUPER comfy!

This is the chair/fabric that inspired the whole room. The colour is a little off in this photo.
The brown leaves and stems are flocked! Can't wait!

I'm hoping to order this tempered glass coffee table as soon as we've got the cash. It's also Urban Barn.

I will also be on the hunt for a small pedestal table for the corner by the new chair. I would die if I could get my hands on something like this for a good price:

I've got new lamps picked out from work which I don't have photos for unfortunatly.  One floor lamp to replace the one in the corner behind the sofa which only works when it feels like it and a new table lamp for the corner with the chair. They look a little like this. Only the base is silver and the shade is white. Other than that this one's a dead ringer for silhouette:

As for the dining room. I've got a lot of painting ahead of me. The table and chairs will be white. The "Hutch" (which is just two bookcases with doors on the bottom pushed together which we found in the garage of our new house! FREE! Yeah!) and bookcase will be painted a deep deep brown or black (can't decide yet) and I will be papering the back with blue wallpaper. This is pretty much exactly what I had in mind (sorry, I got lazy and took a photo of the magazine instead of scanning it. You get the idea.):

From Spring 2010 BH&G "100 Decorating Ideas Big Style for small rooms" magazine

Here's what the "hutch" and bookcase look like right now: I like the way I've arranged the shelves. That will probably stay after I spruce them up.

The "Hutch"

The Bookcase.
We still have to paint this wall. We'll do it when we paint the kitchen.

And finally a new chandelier. Something like this I think:

Heritage Chandelier from Home Depot. Buy it here.

So as you can see, unlike my very retro kitchen, the living room (especially) will be pretty fresh and modern. I have to meet The Boy somewhere in the middle you know. :)



  1. Good luck! :)
    And that living room- sigh. :)

  2. Thanks! I'll post after photos! Promise!


  3. You are starting off with a house that has such good "bones", as they say... good luck on your project. You obviously have great taste, love the selection you've shown so far. Keep up the good work!


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