Saturday, August 14, 2010

Matt's Birthday

Last night I ventured out to The Kings Head pub for my brother Matt's (I know you all know him by now!)27th birthday. 

Like the good sister I am, I brought him a little vintage! Although it's hard to actually see this shirt in the picture. It kinda looks like he's excited to get a tablecloth of some sorts. I assure you the shirt is loud and wonderful! Not loud and tacky.

We took this photo because we have a picture of Matt doing this exact same pose in front of his birthday cake as a kid at my Mom's. I wish I had it so I could scan it and show you. Very cute and funny!

Well here's the closest thing I got to an outfit shot for the night. The night wasn't really about me so I let it go! ;)

A few more brother-sister arms length shots.

I don't know what we're doing in this next one! Zoolander perhaps? 

A few more random party shots.

And last but not least! HAHA!!

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for the nice words on my return!


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  1. The both of you look fantastic! I especially LOVE your hair :)


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