Thursday, August 12, 2010

Catching Up!

Ok. You know it's bad when your mother calls you and asks "Are you ever going to blog again?".

Then you realize that you haven't even turned on your computer for a month. Wow!

Then I feel bad. You've missed you much! July was a very busy month for me! Good Bloggers take many photos and post every day...I want to be one of those Good Bloggers. I really try.

What did you miss? Let me try and remember and get you all up to speed.

Well...that office job I had working for the small family business? Gone. It was bad. I'm now working at Urban Barn as an Administrative Assistant (I do inventory control and other random paperwork things). I love it! It's the kind of job I've been looking for! Urban Barn is a Canadian furniture company. The Boy and I will be refurnishing our living room on my discount! Yeah! Can't wait!!

I stage managed for my friends from LA Sound & Fury at the Winnipeg Fringe Festival this year. Fringe was a total blast!

I turned 28 on July 6th...which I feel is a pretty weird's like when I turned 19...I was like "19? what's that? It's limbo!" The limbo between 25 and 30. At 26 it was still like being 25, 27 was still feeling "mid 20's"...I have officially entered "late 20's". 30 is looming. Sigh.
I'm actually ok. It just feels kinda weird that I'll be turning 30 in two years. Two years goes by fast.
30 is adulthood. I'm still a big kid for god's sake!
I plan on staying that way.

Anyway...onto the pictures. Because that's the best part of a blog in my opinion. Eye-candy!

Here's a random outfit I wore in July and never posted. I wear it a lot.

White Flower: Clarire's
Blue Cameo Necklace: Gift
White Ribbed Sequin Tanktop: Ricki's Sample Sale
Blue Belt: Thifted
Blue Floral Circle Skirt: Vintage Glory
White Peep Toe Wedges with Rainbow detail: Damita K
Vintage Floral Straw Basket Purse: Gift from Matt

This is what I wore to work today:

Pearl Necklace: Thrifted
Hot Pink Flower Brooch: Smart Set
Green Polka Dot Dress: D.E.P.T
Vintage Slip (under dress): Value Village
Vintage Leather Shoulder Bag: Ragpickers
Burgandy Peep Toes: Kensie

And last but not least: My sister Kim got married this last weekend. I have been dying to wear this outfit for months!! I want to wear it again!
BONUS: Family Photos! And The Boy!

My brother Matt,  Myself and my brother Will.

Matt, Me, my Mom and Will

Me and my siblings (acording to height!) Me, Kim, Matt, Will & Matt

Me & The Boy. Isn't he cute?!

Large Brimmed White Hat: The Bay
50's/60's Coral Lace Dress: Ruby Slipper ($10!!)
Vintage Pearl Cuff: from Aunt Mary 
White/Pink Wedges with Flower on Toe: Madeline 

Last but not least, More Matt....he just looked so cool in this pic. So old school. Love it!

Well good. Now you're all caught up. Promise I'll be back soon!



  1. I love the big hat from the Bay! That is where I buy all my large floppy hats too :)


  2. Finally! I was beginning to wonder if you had traded in your computer for a fabulous vintage find :P

    Great pics, it was so good to see you! I cant wait until Adam and i re-locate back to Winnipeg, someday we'll go on a sisterly vintage hunt.


  3. Just letting you know, I nominated you for a “Hidden Gem Award” :) There is an icon you can put on the side of your blog if you want.


  4. You guys look fantastic! Love your dress.


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