Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Short Absence and Some New Stuff

Sorry for being gone for a week or so. I've been knee deep in projects: planning my Mom's 50th birthday party which I'm hosting at my house this weekend and sewing curtains for my living room and dining room.  
I did however have time to shop! Here's a few things I bought.

I bought this dress at Rags. It's so adorable! It's gingham. Very Dorothy. So I thought I would pair it with some wicked red shoes! (The shoes are also new!)

Red Enamel Flower Earrings: Ricki's Sample Sale
50's Blue Gingham Dress: Ragpickers
Red Patent Belt: Thrifted
Red Strappy Flower Pumps: TownShoes
Red Wicker Clutch: Value Village

I LOVE this outfit!! It's all new (minus the shoes). I'm dying to wear it somewere. Just waiting for the right occasion. The hat was a steal at $16. The beach bag was $5!!

40's Straw Hat: Ragpickers
White Rose Earrings: Aldo
50's Pink and White Striped Dress: Ragpickers
50's Lace Crinoline: Vintage Glory
Wedges: George (Walmart)
Wicker Oversized Beach Bag: Goodwill

The irony of this super beachy/summery outfit is that it was pouring cats and dogs outside while I was taking the photos! haha! Our weather this summer has been so weird! Summer hot and humid!! Usually we get hot and dry! Oh well!
I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  



  1. Love the red shoes!

    What is the pink and white dress made of? It has a shimmer to it that is very pretty.

    Great looks, both of them.

  2. love the 2nd outfit! so cute!

  3. Love that last dress! Hopefully you can wear it out once the weather is nice again!


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