Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Outfits: Funking Up a 40's Suit Jacket

I love this suit jacket. It didn't have its mate (I think it must have been a skirt) when I bought it, but I imagine it was pretty fabulous. The jacket's got terrific weight and the fabric is incredibly soft. The buttons are asymetrical and have the most amazing patina on them which the camera just couldn't do justice.

I like to funk up this jacket a bit my wearing it open with jeans. I also like the sequin beret and leopard print scarf with it. It's kinda Bonnie and Clyde now that I think of it...

I'm still feeling sick today which is why my pictures are a little wonky today. The flash was on for some and not others and most of them turned out kinda blurry. I also didn't have the energy to move my chair for standing photos today...ok, enough whining...
This is what I wore to work today. Not too bad for a sick girl. (I like to overcompensate when I feel ill. That and wearing the beret meant I didn't have to do my hair this morning! haha!)

With the jacket buttoned. I rarely wear it like this.

Here are a few where the flash went off. The colour is richer in these. I look really unhappy though!

Some close ups of Jacket details. Look at the beautiful cording detail on the collar!

Button Close up!

Black Sequin Beret: Le Chateau
Rhinestone Drop Earrings: Thrifted
Leopard Print Scarf: Ricki's
40's Blue Asymetrical Suit Jacket: Hoopers
Rhinestone Brooches: Both Thrifted
Cream Satin Bow Applique T-shirt: Joe
Denim Capris: Ricki's
Grey Mary Janes: Aldo

I hope everyone is having a good week! Thank you for all your lovely comments these last few days! It really makes my day every time you share your thoughts with me. Thank you!



  1. You are so beautiful! I really do like that jacket, and your skirt guess is probably right.

    PS: Lovely shoes. :) Ha.

  2. Wow, the row of little buttons is stunning, And the shape is gorgeous - do you think you could find a skirt that was a similar fabric? Would love to see it as part of a suit again.

  3. Amber Rose- Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for following my blog!

    Penny-I have looked high and low for a skirt. I've also looked for fabric to make a skirt with no luck. If I do find one I'll definately post it!



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