Friday, May 30, 2014

Comedy of Errors

So here's the official plug for my latest work project keeping me from blogging regularly.

I'm back at The St. Norbert Ruins with Shakespeare in the Ruins presenting one of Shakespeare's funniest and silliest comedies: The Comedy of Errors.

This is what SIR has to say about the play:

Everyone is seeing double in the legendary town of Epheseus. Following the fortunes of not one, but two, sets of identical twins, Shakespeare’s comedy of mistaken identity is soaked in effervescent humour with a hint of the absurd. These men, separated as boys by a shipwreck, are about to have their lives and loves turned upside down. Canadian theatre superstar Ron Jenkins directs and our cast of actors are ready to entertain. And the magical ruins of the Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park are your unforgettable backdrop.

Shakespeare in the Ruins presents its shows in a promenade style - where you travel from place to place in the park, guided by the actors, to watch different scenes of the play. It's a lot of fun! If you live in and around Winnipeg I highly recommend making the trek out to the park to watch the show. Feeling intimidated by Shakespeare? Don't be. Comedy of Errors is a great show to watch if you are unfamiliar with The Bard's work - it's light-hearted and filled with physical comedy. 

I've got a soft spot for this show. I performed in it with another local company Theatre by the River in 2006. 

Me and my friend Rod (as Luciana & Antipholus of Syracuse). 
Rod also happens to be performing in SIR's version of Comedy of Errors. 

If you'd like to book tickets for SIR's production of Comedy of Errors click here.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

NFB Short

Hey folks! I'm deep in rehearsals at the Saint Norbert Ruins for Shakespeare in the Ruins production of Comedy of Errors this year (I'll share some more about this project in a few days). I wanted to stop in and share the short film that I worked on in March for the National Film Board of Canada.

Every year the NFB produces a series of films featuring recipients of Governor General's Performing Arts Awards. I had the pleasure of Production Managing a film directed by my talented friend and award winning film maker Deco Dawson. The film features an amazing woman whose support for the arts in Winnipeg has been integral to many institutions longevity - Jean Giguere.

The film features Jean, as well as a scale model of downtown Winnipeg made out of paper. I, along with many others, cut out all of those buildings and assembled the city in a few short days! It was a very exciting project to be a part of. 

Watch the other films in the series here
Check out more of Deco's work here


Thursday, May 15, 2014

Confessions of a Vintage Addict

Yup. I bought some clothes. *sigh*

It was a little relapse...ok, two little leading to the other. 

I'm back on the no shopping train again. For reals this time. 

It started with a yard sale last weekend in my neighbourhood. The cardboard sign with the words written in black sharpie scrawled across it reading "Vintage Sale" was too hard for me to was only 3 blocks from my house. I resisted that sign for 3 days and on the fourth day I submitted to the urge and went. At first I was relieved to find the house (the sale was inside) full of housewares - those I admire, but easily resist. Then I got talking to the couple hosting the sale. I asked if they had any clothes for sale, they said "no". I was secretly relieved. Then one of them said "Oh! but wait, we have some hats in the basement". All I thought was "crap!" 

So they brought up a box full of lovely hats and a pair of amazing full length lurex glove. I had $17 in my wallet, picked my favs and offered him the sum. 

This is what I came home with:

A 50's turquoise and brown sequinned Juliet cap, a 50's turquoise feather headband and, of course, the lurex gloves!

I forgave myself the purchase, considering the bargain and decided that would be the last of it - one tiny little slip. But like any good addict, these accessories were only the gateway to a larger purchase I made yesterday at the grand opening of the Echange Uporium Pop Up Shop. Patti Henderson has her incredible wares on sale there and again I couldn't resist. 

I broke down and bought another dress. 

Incredibly light cotton early 60's floral border print dress. Fits me like a glove. 

The adrenaline rush after shopping was palpable. Followed by a strange, heady mix of guilt and excitement over my purchase. 

Hello, my name is Lisa and I'm a vintage-aholic. *sigh*


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