Monday, May 31, 2010

Not Vintage (Like Mary Deluxe!)

Mary Deluxe of one of my favorite blogs: Welcome to Deluxville has posted a very un-vintage photo of herself on her blog.
She has put forth the challenge to other bloggers to post thier un-vintage selves.

So I took the challenge.

Part of my little brain thought: "Well Lisa, you're not a vintage purist, you're readers have seen you in jeans before" But I thought I would post these photos anyway because my hair is straight, I have little make-up on and I'm wearing my comfy jeans (there's nothing trendy about these jeans, they're a regular bootcut), a regular tee shirt and nothing I'm wearing today says or is vintage. So what the heck!

Here I am, no vintage:

Beaded Peacock T-Shirt: Jacob
Jeans: Bootlegger

I'd love to know if any of you don't always wear vintage or if you have taken Mary Deluxe's challenge. If you have please leave me a comment and let me know!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Girls Night Out: Sex and the City 2

Like so many others, I too am a die hard Sex and the City fan. So of course I just had to go see Sex and the City 2 on opening night yesterday.

And of course I had to go with some girlfriends.

And of course we had to dress up!!!

Mel, Myself, Laura and Shelly

I did my best "Ode to Carrie (With a little Dita thrown in for good measure)". Carrie references as follows:

The Hat
I wore my green velvet flower brooch as a hat in ode to one of my favorite Carrie hats from "Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little" in Season 6. I just love this little hat! I want one just like it one day! I keep thinking I should just make myself one.

The Dress

This is one of my all time favorite vintage dresses to wear in the summer! It's a cotton 40's housedress with a front zip and amazing slouchy patch pockets in the front! It is of course in ode to all the great vintage dresses Carrie wears. And although you can't see in any of these photos, I always wear this dress with the zipper low letting my bra show a la Carrie in many many episodes.

The Shoes

I tried desperatly to buy the Steve Madden knock offs of Carries Manolos in "A Woman's Right to Shoes", but I could not get my hands on a silver pair in my size. *Sigh*
I bought these J-Lo Peep Toes as a runner up.

Speaking of those Manolos, my good friend Laura actually has the covoted pair in black! Actual Manolos! See? Lucky Girl!
As for the movie, well I won't give anythign away, but I thought the first one was much better. More riveting. SATC 2 was just very fluffy and fun. Which I suppose is good. It did have a few shocking moments, but they just weren't weighty enough to counter balance the rest of the light-hearted fluff.
Worth a watch on the big screen if you're a die hard like me though!

And on a puppy note (because what's a blog post these days withoug mention of a dog? haha!) Laura and her boyfriend (who happens to be friends with The Boy) also have a boxer named Spike. Spike and Dave are friends.

Green Flower Brooch (worn as a fascinator): Can't remember where I bought it...
30's Amber Jeweled Necklace: Ragpickers
Leather Motorcycle Jacket: Vintage Glory
40's Cotton Green Cabbage Rose Day Dress: Ragpickers
60's Gold Belt: Ragpickers
Tights: Indestructables
Silver Peep Toe Pumps: J-Lo (Town Shoes)
70's Silver clutch with chain: Ragpickers

Did you go see SATC 2? What did you think?


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May Long Weekend Pt. 2: Rain, Rain Go Away...

It's a good thing Saturday was so nice, because Monday was not. It was overcast all day and it started to rain around 3:00 p.m.

This is the view right behind The Boy's parent's place.  Isn't it stunning?

We slept in, ate breakfast with The Boy's family, packed the car and headed out to visit some friends. It was a pretty low key day.
We went for a little drive after we left our friend's place.

This fern flanked creek runs right through one of the campgrounds! I LOVE it! I think I see pixies in there! :)

We also saw some deer on the side of the road munching leaves. This one is shaking the rain off!

This is her friend hiding in the bush!

We ate dinner at a local family owned diner (which has *the best* food ever!) and hit the road.

It was a very rainy drive home.

Dave slept the whole way home. Zzzz...

We normally leave the lake around 10:00 p.m. and end up back in the city around midnight, but we had to get back to Winnipeg in good time so we could unpack the car, get changed and head back out for our friend Ian's birthday.
We were pretty tired, but it was Ian's champagne birthday, so we couldn't miss it!!

I of course dressed up. Any excuse you know. ;)

By The Way, that is my new leather jacket I bought at Vintage Glory a few weeks ago! Remember this Wishlist post!? I love it so much! It makes me feel pretty badass...haha!

Leather Motorcycle Jacket: Vintage Glory
80's Polka Dotted Sheath Dress: Salvation Army
Red Elastic Belt: thrifted
Tights: Indestructables
Red Peep Toe Pumps: Le Chateau
Red Satin Clutch with Chain Strap: Ricki's
Lippy: MAC Ruby Woo

Well that was my crazy weekend!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I never win anything. Really. I'm not pouting either. I really don't. I am just not one of those people who win things.

I don't try to let this get me down though. I try to win stuff. When the opportunity knocks I take it.

Blog Giveaways for example. I enter them all the time and never win...


On calivintage! Check it out!

I won a pair of sunglasses from LUM Vintage. Here they are:

Pretty sweet huh? I sent LUM my address today. Can't wait to get them in the mail...I promise to show you when they get here!

Hehe! (I'm giddy with excitment!)


May Long Weekend Pt. 1: Summer Sun

Saturday was a beautiful summer day! It was a perfect day for a road trip to the lake.

Some Beautiful Prairie for you all to enjoy as I did out the car window!

We saw this awesome VW Van on the way out! Check out the canoe!!

Once we got out to the lake the best part of the day was taking Dave to the beach for his first swim ever! I feel the need to prefice this story with the fact that when we bought Dave we had read that Boxers do not like water and do not swim. We decided that we would get Dave used to the water by bathing him regularly and letting him in the bathroom while we were showering to let him get used to water.
Well this weekend was the ulitmate test of all our hard work...and it payed off! Dave loved the water! He swam and fetched and played! It was awesome! We had a great time!

There was also time for some shots of my outfit. I just bought this dress a couple weeks ago. The tag says: "Elegant Lady". Very cute I think.
I have a hat just like this one in hot pink. This is how I get to enjoy summer and the sun and not burn (that and 70 SPF sunblock!).

Green Wide Brimmed Hat: Boutique in Clearlake
70's Blue Patchwork Buttonfront Dress: Vintage Glory
White Elastic Belt: Thrifted
White Cotton Short Sleeve Cardigan: Winners
50's Bamboo Cage Purse: Thifted
Green Flats: Joe (Superstore)
Bathing Suit (which you can't see): Billabong

Tomorrow I will post Pt. 2 of the May Long Weekend! Stay Tuned!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

We're Off... the cabin today! A little late perhaps for the May Long Weekend (Monday is Victoria Day here in Canada honouring Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth's birthdays), but better late than never I say.

I'll be bringing the camera, so without a doubt I'll have some pictures to post tomorrow.

See you then!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspiration: Esme and The Lane Way

I am contiually inspired by the beautiful photography and amazing retro inspired outfits of Esme and The Lane Way! I only wish my blog could be this beautiful!

The beautiful darked haired blogger hails from Melbourne.

Her gorgeous photos and outfits are a mix of fashion magazine-like editorials mixed with pin-up. Just great!

With a look and a wardrobe to inspire envy in any vintage loving blogger, she makes retro inspired outfits look effortless and wearable.

Whenever I feel less than inpired by my closet I always take a peek at Esme and The Lane Way for inspiration! It's a sure pick-me-up!

All Photos borrowed from Esme and The Lane Way Blog!

Head on over! I promise you won't be dissapointed!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Dress on the Prairie

It was another beautiful day in Winnipeg today. The Boy did not have to work today, so we went out for a walk in the country with some friends.  We all took our dogs of course! ;)

I wore a very cute wrap dress with a ruffled collar I bought at Ricki's Sample Sale. It has this adorable cherry print. I know a dress is not really proper "walking in the country" attire, but it made me feel beautiful.

A Close up for You! So Pretty!

We had such a great time! The weather was just perfect!

Poor Dave was so tired when we were done! He was so muddy from playing in the creek we had to give him a bath when we got home. He's curled up in a ball sleeping on the couch beside me right now. It's been a tough day for a puppy! Haha!

Sunglasses: Ricki's Sample Sale
Earrings: Ricki's
Dress: BIZZ (Sample Sale)

Lisa. xo

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