Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Girls Night Out: Sex and the City 2

Like so many others, I too am a die hard Sex and the City fan. So of course I just had to go see Sex and the City 2 on opening night yesterday.

And of course I had to go with some girlfriends.

And of course we had to dress up!!!

Mel, Myself, Laura and Shelly

I did my best "Ode to Carrie (With a little Dita thrown in for good measure)". Carrie references as follows:

The Hat
I wore my green velvet flower brooch as a hat in ode to one of my favorite Carrie hats from "Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little" in Season 6. I just love this little hat! I want one just like it one day! I keep thinking I should just make myself one.

The Dress

This is one of my all time favorite vintage dresses to wear in the summer! It's a cotton 40's housedress with a front zip and amazing slouchy patch pockets in the front! It is of course in ode to all the great vintage dresses Carrie wears. And although you can't see in any of these photos, I always wear this dress with the zipper low letting my bra show a la Carrie in many many episodes.

The Shoes

I tried desperatly to buy the Steve Madden knock offs of Carries Manolos in "A Woman's Right to Shoes", but I could not get my hands on a silver pair in my size. *Sigh*
I bought these J-Lo Peep Toes as a runner up.

Speaking of those Manolos, my good friend Laura actually has the covoted pair in black! Actual Manolos! See? Lucky Girl!
As for the movie, well I won't give anythign away, but I thought the first one was much better. More riveting. SATC 2 was just very fluffy and fun. Which I suppose is good. It did have a few shocking moments, but they just weren't weighty enough to counter balance the rest of the light-hearted fluff.
Worth a watch on the big screen if you're a die hard like me though!

And on a puppy note (because what's a blog post these days withoug mention of a dog? haha!) Laura and her boyfriend (who happens to be friends with The Boy) also have a boxer named Spike. Spike and Dave are friends.

Green Flower Brooch (worn as a fascinator): Can't remember where I bought it...
30's Amber Jeweled Necklace: Ragpickers
Leather Motorcycle Jacket: Vintage Glory
40's Cotton Green Cabbage Rose Day Dress: Ragpickers
60's Gold Belt: Ragpickers
Tights: Indestructables
Silver Peep Toe Pumps: J-Lo (Town Shoes)
70's Silver clutch with chain: Ragpickers

Did you go see SATC 2? What did you think?


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  1. Love the outfit!

    I was definitely just as crazy for Carrie's Manolos in "A Woman's Right to Shoes"! Waited forever to find a similar looking pair and finally scored these pair from Aldo last winter!

    Love at first sight! Saw the movie last night too! Loved it of course but definitely miss the character depth and drama from the show!



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