Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Long Weekend Pt. 1: Summer Sun

Saturday was a beautiful summer day! It was a perfect day for a road trip to the lake.

Some Beautiful Prairie for you all to enjoy as I did out the car window!

We saw this awesome VW Van on the way out! Check out the canoe!!

Once we got out to the lake the best part of the day was taking Dave to the beach for his first swim ever! I feel the need to prefice this story with the fact that when we bought Dave we had read that Boxers do not like water and do not swim. We decided that we would get Dave used to the water by bathing him regularly and letting him in the bathroom while we were showering to let him get used to water.
Well this weekend was the ulitmate test of all our hard work...and it payed off! Dave loved the water! He swam and fetched and played! It was awesome! We had a great time!

There was also time for some shots of my outfit. I just bought this dress a couple weeks ago. The tag says: "Elegant Lady". Very cute I think.
I have a hat just like this one in hot pink. This is how I get to enjoy summer and the sun and not burn (that and 70 SPF sunblock!).

Green Wide Brimmed Hat: Boutique in Clearlake
70's Blue Patchwork Buttonfront Dress: Vintage Glory
White Elastic Belt: Thrifted
White Cotton Short Sleeve Cardigan: Winners
50's Bamboo Cage Purse: Thifted
Green Flats: Joe (Superstore)
Bathing Suit (which you can't see): Billabong

Tomorrow I will post Pt. 2 of the May Long Weekend! Stay Tuned!


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  1. Yay Victoria Day long weekend!
    Looks like Saturday was a lot better weather for you than it was in Southern Ontario.
    Love the green flats and the cardigan! :)


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