Monday, May 17, 2010

Little Dress on the Prairie

It was another beautiful day in Winnipeg today. The Boy did not have to work today, so we went out for a walk in the country with some friends.  We all took our dogs of course! ;)

I wore a very cute wrap dress with a ruffled collar I bought at Ricki's Sample Sale. It has this adorable cherry print. I know a dress is not really proper "walking in the country" attire, but it made me feel beautiful.

A Close up for You! So Pretty!

We had such a great time! The weather was just perfect!

Poor Dave was so tired when we were done! He was so muddy from playing in the creek we had to give him a bath when we got home. He's curled up in a ball sleeping on the couch beside me right now. It's been a tough day for a puppy! Haha!

Sunglasses: Ricki's Sample Sale
Earrings: Ricki's
Dress: BIZZ (Sample Sale)

Lisa. xo

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  1. What a gorgeous dress! And poochie is just adorable, too :)


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