Saturday, August 21, 2010

My Girl!

Another one on the Wishlist down!
I was coming home from my Mom's after helping her do a few things for Kim & Adam's Wedding a few weekends ago and as I drove past the Goodwill in our neighbourhood I got "that feeling". You know the one. It's my "I-can-just-feel-something-good-at-the-thriftstore-vibe". Sometimes I call it my Spidey Sense. Whatever you call it, it has never let me down. So I must listen to it.

So I turned my car into the parking lot and went in. After a lap around the store empty handed I was actually starting to doubt that I actually had that feeling. Until I walked by the Plus Size section and stopped in my tracks when I saw this dress form in the corner with a giant tag on it saying "Dress Form: $20". I couldn't believe it!! I actually looked around for other customers who may have seen her too, ran over to her and snatched her up! I walked immediatly to the counter. The girls laughed and said they were glad I was taking her home (they know me. I'm there  at least twice a week.) and that she'd only been on the floor for about 20 minutes. I was so excited!!

Like I promised, here is my new dress form!

I think she's 60s/70s. I haven't really looked into it, but if anyone knows and could shed some light I would be very grateful!

BTW. Still sick, but feeling much better than yesterday. The Boy has left me home alone. He's gone to watch drag racing in Gimli without me. I'm still on the couch, still watching Mad Men. I'm onto the second season now. I LOVE Peggy! She's so cute and spunky! And I want to look like Joan, but with Betty's hair. haha!
Thank you for the well wishes!


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  1. I love her! Any names picked out?

    And hope you feel even better-- I'm envious that you have the seasons of madmen, by the way.


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