Friday, August 20, 2010

Sicker Than a Dog

No work today. I called in sick. This cold is really kicking my ass. I'm laying on the couch in my pj's right now trying not to hurt myself as I cough uncontrollably. Ugh.

I'm also watching the first season of Mad Men. Which I have never seen before. Yes, I know. I should have been watching it all along with all the other vintage lovers out there. But I don't have cable and hate to download stuff onto my computer like that. So I haven't watched it. Well I'm fixing that problem starting today. It's really good! I have been missing out!

So in lieu of some horrible pictures of me ill on the couch that I could inflict on you. I thought some vintage ads for cold medication might be fun instead! Enjoy!

Peter Pain looks like an evil little leprechaun to me.

This is what I look like today.
Side Note: I have NEVER heard of taking Alka-Seltzer for a cold. Have you?

This just makes me laugh.

This one also makes me laugh. Maybe I don't have a cold, maybe it's Asian Flu?

I saved the best for last. The 666 Cold Tablets. There are just too many jokes here...I just don't know where to start...I'll let you fill in the blanks! haha!

I'm on a mission to get better this weekend. There is nothing I hate worse than being sick. I'll keep you posted.



  1. Better than Whiskey? Lies! Whiskey is the cure for everything!

    Hope you feel better! I've got a cold as well! What the heck!

  2. Thanks for the well wishes!

    Maybe I should drink some whiskey? Probably Not. Whiskey and I don't really get along when I'm not sick.

    Hope you feel better too!


  3. I had missed out on Mad Men before too, as when it first started I didn't have the digital channels (and I like to watch things right from the start). BBC2 has just started the whole thing from episode 1, so I am now right into it! Hope you feel better soon :)


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