Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Outfits: Addicted to Polka-Dots

I just can't help myself. I bought this dress from Goodwill a couple days ago. I couldn't resist the combination of navy, pearlized buttons and of course, polka-dots.
All I could think today while I wore it was "Just add Doc Martens, remove the belt and Hello 1994!!" haha!

I do love to wear a summer dress layered for fall and winter though. I love to stretch my wardrobe like that. I feel like it's a super power of mine.

White Trench: Joe
Rhinestone Necklace: Thrifted
Grey Blazer: Jolt
Navy Polka-Dotted Dress: Thrifted
White Long Sleeve Tee: Ricki's
White Skinny Belt: Thrifted
Grey Tights: Joe
Grey Mary Janes: Aldo
Recycled Seat Belt Shoulder Bag: U.S.E.D

I think Mad Men is officially invading my life. My hair feels like it's got a bit of a 60's vibe today. Happy Wednesday!


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