Saturday, November 30, 2013

Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: Vintage Glory - Donald Street Location

Vintage Glory 380 Donald Avenue (between Notre Dame and Cumberland)

***** out of 5

Have you ever lost touch with a friend and then run into them somewhere and wonder why you stayed away so long? This is how I felt last week when I finally visited Vintage Glory's new location. If you're a long, long time reader of this blog you may remember my previous review of this stellar store when it resided in its Albert Street location. Some of you may also remember my heartbreak when the shop closed in 2011 to merge with the lovely ladies of  Rhymes with Orange. To me, this left a hole in the Winnipeg vintage scene and several holes in my closet - I began to buy more and more online as there was no longer a shop in town which seemed to cater to my vintage needs. But with Vintage Glory's triumphant return in the spring this year, all of that is behind us now. 

The new location is even more beautiful than the previous - Doug (the owner) has clearly spent many hours renovating and updating this space. It has plenty of vintage charm (I read the school house style lights on the main floor are from Doug's former High School, Daniel Mac); I might even say it boasts a bit of retro glamour - with it's high black painted tin ceiling and luxurious striped dressing room curtain. 
 The shop is merchandized impeccably with beautiful displays and an abundance of carefully curated vintage treasures waiting to be taken home. 

One of the features of this new location is the abundance of beautiful vintage purses and clutches provided by Doug's wife Lori. If you are looking for a show stopping bag to complete an outfit this is your place. Depending on the age and detailing of the purse, most hover around the $40-75 range. 

Please don't stop your shopping on the main floor, the new Donald Street location has a room in the basement chock full with more dresses, sweaters, blouses, menswear and an entire room dedicated to shoes!

And speaking of menswear, just as the Albert Street location was the best spot to buy men's vintage in Winnipeg, this location is no different: Leather jackets, chunky knit sweaters, military jackets and tux coats, bow ties and fedoras. Simply put, there is still no better place to buy men's vintage. 

The prices are still reasonable, but I did notice a slight increase in cost on my favourite items: dresses, suits, hats and bags. Despite this small hike in retail costs, this shop is still reasonable and affordable, especially when compared to online prices. 

Vintage Glory is a true sartorial nostalgia lovers paradise. It doesn't cater to one particular era, but carries anything and everything from turn of the century antiques to 70's disco era dresses - just like a good 'ole vintage shop should be. There is something for everyone. The store's 2 year absence from the Winnipeg vintage scene did little to diminish its impeccable qualities as a vintage store. A definite stop for anyone on the hunt for quality vintage in Winnipeg. 



  1. I really liked this new location! The basement section felt quite open and the stairs were not scary for such an old place. I will be back for sure I love buying vintage in person and Vintage Glory is definitely one of my favorites.

    1. I'm already planning my next trip back! haha!


  2. What a heartfelt, wonderful look at this shop's new location - your passion for it rings out loud and clear (and makes me want to hop on the next flight to Winnipeg right now!). It's awesome that you have this store back again. As someone who lives a town without vintage clothing stores, I can wholeheartedly relate to what you mean about having to turn to the web for a lot of shopping (not that there's anything wrong with that per se, but it always better when you can try something on in person and support a local business with your purchases in the process). I truly hope to get to Winnipeg one day and will be making this one of my must see destinations when I do.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh Jessica, you would *love* Vintage Glory. Doug has some beautiful vintage hats that would look stunning on you. I promise I'll take you there if you're ever in Winnipeg. :)



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