Monday, October 15, 2012

Break's Over Honey...

Well, I did it again. I abandoned you for too many days while I returned to work.

No matter how many years I've been doing this, starting a new job somehow makes my personal life all scrambled. I just haven't been able to manage my long work days with life at home (more on what my work days look like here and here). We eat dinner too late, I ignore my friends and family (not intentionally!!), I forget to do laundry, the kitchen becomes a mess (not to mention the rest of the house), I abandon the blog and the list goes on...

This time around I've been slowly working at remedying this situation. Let's face it. No one likes being un-organized  (at least I don't...anyone here like being un-organized?!). I can't fix it all at once, but I'm trying to attack the problems in bite sized pieces.

This week I'm working on staying organized in the mornings right before work and dinner right after work. It's quite amazing how connected they are. The whole thing really revolves around making dinner. If I don't know what I'm making for dinner when I get home I get so behind. I hum and haw over what to make, then I have to actually make whatever it is I dream up, we eat and clean up. When I'm done I'm usually too tired to spend any more time in the kitchen or do anything else for that matter, therefore not making lunch for the next day, or laying out my clothes or anything else I need to do. Leaving it all until the next morning. And I never wake up in time to get it all done and I spend my mornings rushing around my house like a chicken with my head cut off...I'm exhausted just writing it all out...

To my rescue comes: The Meal Plan and my Crock Pot!

Seriously people. Knowing what I am making every day of the week (I'm working up to a monthly Meal Plan) and cooking it in the Crock Pot is saving me. I come home to a cooked meal, clean up is simple and I have leftovers for lunch the next day. I also have enough energy to plan out my outfit for the next day and hang out with The Boy.

Not only am I only buying food which will be cooked and consumed (saving money on groceries), but I'm enabling The Boy and I to eat dinner almost immediately after I walk in the door from work! Keeping me from being in the kitchen all night.

Dinner isn't the only thing in my house undergoing improvements. I've been examining all of our routines and systems in the house lately and trying to devise some better ways to do things so we're (I'm?) less stressed and overwhelmed when life gets hectic (ie: when I'm working). My goal is to organize and simplify some of our (my?) day to day routines so we can spend more time enjoying life. It might sound a bit lofty, but I think it's achievable with a little work.

These blogs are really helping me stay focused on achieving this goal:

Six Sisters' Stuff - Amazing slow cooker recipes on this site!! I made 3 this week!

Nesting Place - This amazing blogger/mother/wife's motto is: It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. This is advice I really need on the days where I feel like I have to do and be everything to everyone.

Organizing Made Fun - I specifically like this bloggers How to have a (fake) immaculate clean house posts! I'm working towards integrating these methods with my new weekly meal plan routines now that I've saved myself some time in the evenings.

The Minimalists - Strange, yes, I know. A hoarder collector like me reading a blog on minimalist living. Like The Nester, it reminds me that all of this stuff doesn't matter and that sometimes it in fact gets in my way. This blog motivates me to buy less, get rid of more and streamline my life as much as I can. Simple is good. :)

Modern Parents Messy Kids - Yes, I know, I don't have kids, but I have a messy life and this bloggers Organize Your ENTIRE Life posts are very inspiring.

I know, not much of a vintage-centric post, but this is what's on my mind lately.


Want more organizing tips? Check out my Pintrest Board on Organizing Tips for more!


  1. Welcome back! Missed ya!
    Meal planning also saves me from that scrambled feeling when I get home from work. I cook a few meals ahead for the week on Sunday morning. Can't wait to check out the links.

  2. You have my understanding 110%, dear Lisa. Balancing the very faucets of my life is something I tend to struggle with, too (I actually just blogged about that topic last Saturday), and find that big things (like a new job, for sure) really can throw a wrench into the system and upset one's balance all to easily.

    If I've learned anything over the years in this regard, it's that things often fall into place, it can just take a while for that to happen, so I'm optimistic that such will be the case for you, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I have a 'fallback' dinner that is quick and delish. 100 grams of pasta per person, 1 tin of tomatoes per person, 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 1 clove of garlic, herbs either fresh or dried and a teeny pinch of dried chilli.

    Heat the oil and gently fry the chopped, squashed or grated garlic. Add the tomatoes, herbs, chilli and either a stock cube or salt to taste. Simmer.

    Boil the pasta till cooked. Drain and mix with the tomato sauce.

    This can be mixed with a can of chickpeas or beans. It can be sprinkled with grated cheese or served as it is.

    It may not be to your taste, but there is probably a simple and quick dish that can be prepared in 20 to 30 minutes. This takes me 15 minutes. Really useful to have the ingredients in the cupboard.

    When life gets busy and tough try the ten minutes task. Set the timer for ten minutes and use the time to do chores, decide which - clean the bathroom, the kitchen, tidy, vacuum, sort paperwork, whatever. You will be amazed how much you can do in that time. When the timer goes you stop. It works, it really does.


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