Monday, February 20, 2012

Inspiration: Southern Retro Portrait

I recently received a link in my inbox from Queens of Vintage directing me to Southern Retro. The website tells us that its:

 An on-going photographic project about individuals for whom reviving the past is part of their daily lives. 

I am in love with the subjects in these photos. So inspiring! And one woman in particular has be looking at her photo again and again.
Check her out:

I just love her hair. And to me it looks like she's mixing eras a bit. The dress feels 50's/60's to me (although it may not be) paired with the 30's/40's tilt hat. Plus the glasses...just awesome. I'm so close to having my prescription put into my own vintage glasses. Can't wait!

This is a look I'd like to rock and she looks stunning!


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