Friday, February 24, 2012

Beautiful Cuticles for under $7

I have never done a product review. I don't usually like reading them.

But I had a problem which needed a solution. I had dry cracked, icky cuticles.

I have always envied and admired women with nice nails and beautiful hands. And for some reason I always picture those 50's housewives working in the home with impossibly perfect manicured hands.

Ya, like those...

So I bought something which I should have ages ago:

I noticed the results instantly! Plus it smells amazing! The package says it's apricot, but it smells like yummy sweet candy to me. I keep the container on my coffeetable and put it on at night while we watch tv. Be warned though, if you stop applying it your cuticles will revert back to their dry, cracked, icky state (at least mine did...).

Best of all, a little seems to go a long way and it only cost $6!


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