Saturday, February 18, 2012

That Was Quick! Found Some High Waisted Jeans!

Holy Cow! That never happens! It's not often I post a Wishlist post and mere weeks go by and I've got it checked off my list!

I was seriously debating buying Bernie Dexter's 50's Style Skinny Jeans. I had a few readers tell me they had bought  Bernie's jeans and they thought the price was a little high for the quality so I was hesitating. Lucky for me I did, because I found a pair at Forever 21 last week! For $27.50! Yes, I know, F21's quality probably isn't much better, but the price sure is. And unlike a lot of F21's denim, which I find to be quite thin and very stretchy, these jeans are thick and sturdy. I like them so much I'm considering buying a second pair and hemming them into capris.
My only complaint (as usual) is that these jeans don't quite hit my natural waist. I'm very high waisted and this tends to be an issue, but they are high enough to give my casual outfits that much needed and desired retro look. Plus they don't gape in the back. The fit overall is as perfect as you can get for off the rack. So I'm a happy girl.

I might still be thinking about a pair of Bernie Dexter's Skinny Jeans in Black because they're super high waisted. They might be high waisted enough to hit my actual waist...we'll see what happens...

White cotton Cardigan: philosophy, Winners
Apple Print Blouse: Thrifted
Vintage Lucite Bird Brooch: Mike's General Store
High Waisted Skinny Jeans: Forever 21
Mary Janes: Bleka, The Bay



  1. Those jeans are AWESOME! Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but the fabric of the black Bernie Dexter jeans is this terrible ultra-stretchy material. I have the original twill ones, which started to show wear, so when the "black denim" ones came out, I was super excited! However, what a disappointing arrival-- the material was like a F21 denim that you mentioned. I'm not sure if the fabric has changed since then--Bernie herself called me (i almost died haha) when i put in my return request and said she was getting new material. Sorry for the long post, but I thought you should know before you shell out that much dough!

  2. OO PS: if you're looking for blsck high-waisted jeans, maybe you should take a look at the Switchblade Stiletto Cigarette Pants. They run about $45 and the quality is built to last! For some reason they don't look that high waisted in the picture, but this is the leopard version on a model: Hope this helps!

  3. Wrecking Belle - thank you so much! Those are *exactly* what I'm looking for! And the price is so much better!
    You aren't the first person to complain about the quality of the Bernie Dexter Denim fabric...that's why I had been hesitating. It's one thing to spend $20-30 on something like F21 jeans and have them for a year or so, but to spend upwards of $200 (after shipping) on an inferior quality pair just doesn't sit right with me.

    Thanks again! You rock!

  4. Your outfit is great and everything, but that LIPSTICK! Ah it is beautiful! What kind is it? It looks so bright, especially in the 2nd from bottom picture.

  5. Brianna - It's good 'ol MAC Ruby Woo. My Favourite.


  6. Those jeans fit you like a dream! I am also always looking for that perfect pair of high-waisted jeans... but like you said, they're usualluy not high enough! The Bernie Dexter jeans seems perfect to me but the price... not so perfect, unfortunately!


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