Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wishlist: Structured White Blouse

Recently I took a quick inventory of my closet to see what is missing.

As I peered into my closet I found numerous short sleeve printed blouses. How have I gone this long without a classic Structured White Blouse?

I think I may have had a great blouse that I bought at The Gap many moons ago, but I seem to remember spilling something on it and not being able to get rid of the stain. Then somehow not replacing said perfectly fitting blouse (probably because I couldn't find anything that was as good as my perfect now stained one). Then gave up trying. And now I have a gaping hole in my wardrobe.

And instead of showing you some blouses I would like to buy, I'm posting some great photos of Marilyn Monroe wearing white blouses, because I think she always looks like the epitome of casual chic in a white blouse.

I would really love to find something second hand. White is nearly impossible to find in good condition second hand though. I will probably have to resort to buying new. I'm hoping to buy something with a flattering nipped in waistline as all of the vintage blouses I've found have been too boxy for my taste.


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