Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Show and Tell: New Look Plaid Suit

Show and Tell is a new post series I'll be running a couple times a month.

One of the things I love the most about my blog is showing off my vintage collection. I also love checking out other peoples vintage goodies on their blogs. So I'm assuming, based on my own love of nosing into other peoples closets, that you would like to see what I've got squirrelled away too!

I have so many pieces in my collection that I do not wear regularly (or haven't worn at all!) that I thought it would be fun to do a little show and tell once in a while. The format is classic show and tell style. I will take and post lots of pictures and then tell you about the piece. Where I bought it, why I love it and any other interesting related tidbits.
I'm also looking forward to documenting my collection.

So let's get on with it shall we?

I had a hard time picking the first piece I would show. But it quickly became apparent which one it should be. This suit is one of my favourite pieces. It epitomizes everything that I love about vintage. The taffeta fabric is luxurious and bold. I love bright bold fabrics and nothing could be brighter or bolder than this suit! I could never afford a modern suit in a fabric this luxe.

I also love that this is a transitional piece. The jacket clearly says 40's wartime, but the fabric and the width and length of the skirt say early 50's to me. It's a mix of two of my favourite eras!

Imagine the woman who owned this suit! I wonder what kind of shoes, jewelery and hats she wore with it. Was it made or bought for a special occasion?

I'm not sure if this suit is handmade, or not. It's constructed very well. There are only a few flaws with it. It's missing a button on the jacket and there is some minor staining along the hem of the skirt. Here are a few shots of the interior construction of the garment.

Here is the jacket.

Pinked seams.

Original shoulder pads.

This is the back hem of the jacket.

And the interior of the skirt.

Interior of the waistband and zipper.

And the hem, with generous hem allowance.

I bought it at the now defunct Vintage Glory when owner Lana was still alive. I bought at least 4 dresses that day. I remember having a nice long chat with her about vintage and her saying how well I suited vintage clothing. She also told me she was glad the clothing I bought was going to a good home.

In truth, I've only worn the jacket a few times despite it being one of my favourites. The skirt fit once, but is now just a little too snug on me. I think it's time to start wearing the jacket again. Too pretty to keep hidden away in my closet.



  1. massively jealous! that suit is to die for!! cannot wait to see it on :)


  2. It looks like a beautiful present; gift wrapped and tied with ribbons!

  3. Stunning! This suit is amazing! Clearly it's hand made-not a mass market piece, to be sure!-but whether by a home sewer or a professional seamstress? Who knows. Either way, it was made by someone who had a great attention to detail, and was very talented with fabric.

    I second Lady Jardin-I would love to see you in this. My guess is, with your figure, that it is very flattering!

    Since I love clothes, fabric and sewing, I can see your show and tell posts being the ones i look forward to the most! ;)


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