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Winnipeg Vintage Reviewed: Ruby Slipper

The Ruby Slipper Vintage Shoppe **RUBY SLIPPER HAS MOVED to 370 St Anne's Road**

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**** out of 5

Ruby Slipper is a bit of a diamond in the rough. It's tucked away on Sargent Avenue far from any trendy district or other vintage shop. The outside of the building is unassuming and its interior is unadorned, undecorated and utilitarian.
By no means in saying this am I implying that Ruby Slipper is an inferior store. The shop does not need any fancy bells and whistles. The carefully selected stock that owner Tracy provides her customers is enough to make any trip worth while. 

Ruby Slipper is operated a little like a regular retail store; stock is rotated seasonally and if it's not moving quickly is marked down and put on sale. If you want a holiday dress, for example, November and December are the months to visit. Summer Dress? April/May is when summer stock starts to come in. Operating the store this way is a great way to keep customers happy and coming back frequently for more! I don't believe I've seen the same stuff there on any two visits. 

In spite of this seemingly positive feature, I did debate on whether I should have given this shop a 3/5 for this very reason. If, like me, you prefer older vintage (40's/50's/60's) there are definitely times to visit to make the most of your trip. Stock in these eras can be depleted and picked over "in between seasons".  A visit to the store at these times can have you leaving empty handed. However, Ruby does sell some modern, trendy and designer clothing. These items seem to fill the gap at these "in between season" times.  If you're looking for something in particular it's imperative to know when Tracy stocks the store. And thankfully in the electronic information age we live in, phone call to find this information out isn't even necessary. Ruby Slipper is very active on their Facebook page and update store activity, sales and new stock frequently.
After some consideration, I decided on a 4/5 review due to the fact that I have, in actuality, only left the store empty handed a few times. And this, of course, is to be expected when shopping for vintage. The trick with Ruby, as I've said, is to know when to visit. 

If you do visit Ruby Slipper and Tracy is working be prepared for a chat! She's a fast talkin' gal who knows her stock and her customers inside and out. She has a keen eye for sizes (on my first visit she told me the size 6 dress in my hand would be too small...she was right. I fit a size 8 in her store) and will help point you towards the good stuff among the vast amount of stock, saving you time digging while you shop. 

Ruby Slipper also offers consignment and will make house calls for large collections. They offer a 50/50 consignment rate, which, I believe to be one of the best rates in the city. Do be warned though, Ruby will only take items that are clean, undamaged, appropriate for the upcoming season and a good fit for their customers. 

Overall, Ruby Slipper is a great vintage shop and worth the trip to its obscure location. The stock is typically well curated and varied enough to suit any vintage aficionado's taste. 



  1. one of my regular haunts! thanks for the fb tip, that I did not know!!

  2. may be a good place to shop but do not consign your stuff if you actually want to get money for it. She went through my stuff with me to decide what to take and when i went to my appt to pick up anything that didn't sell she had conveniently decided a bunch of stuff was "stained" "falling apart" or "smelled like food" and had "donated it" (aka probably sold it and pocketed the money) - and I never gave her permission to donate anything... Mysteriously those were all of my most expensive pieces and were given the highest prices on her scribbly handwritten consignment list... another 2 items were "missing"... and another 2 were never even written on her list?? (good thing i kept my own list)
    Lots of the items she claimed "had holes" or were "pilled" were brand new never worn, so I know she is full of crap.
    She is so disorganized and unfortunately if you consign stuff there don't expect to see it again (or your money). Stupidly I consigned 2 times there, the first time wasn't this bad.

  3. took consignment and closed her door at Sargent and never even phoning and let us know where she's going w/all our stuff! That is stealing!!


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