Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wishlist: High Waisted Jeans

I would really appreciate some input on this one ladies. I have wanted a pair of high waisted jeans for a long while and am too afraid to commit to something.

I would like a pair of repros. I know there are a lot out there, but I have smaller waist (28") and a much bigger booty (39"). To top that off I am high waisted (most high waisted pants hit me about an inch or two below my bellybutton) and I'm on the shorter side (I'm 5'3") with an inseam of about 30".

There is no place in Winnipeg (that I know of. if there is do tell!) that sells high waisted, vintage style jeans (and I'm talking 40's/50's style, not 70's).

So I keep thinking my only hope is the internet. Here is where my fear comes in. I'm afraid to buy a pair of jeans online, only to have them show up and not fit, then go through the hassle of trying to return something through the mail.

This is where I direly need your input readers. If you have bought a pair of high waisted jeans online and had success please share your experience with me! Or alternately, if you've had a bad experience I'd like to hear that too.
And if you live in Winnipeg and know of some fabulous place that I am not aware of, speak out!

Just to give you all an idea of what I like, here are a few I've had my eye on:

I really like these Pedal Pushers from Freddies of Pinewood.

Selvedge Jeans, also from Freddies of Pinewood.

Found these ones the other day over at Daddy O's:

Love these 50's Style Skinny High Waisted Jeans from Bernie Dexter (and they come in black!):

Please, please help me. I'm too afraid to help myself. Jeans are so particular aren't they?



  1. You may want to search the high waisted pants thread over at the Fedora Lounge; quite a few ladies have tried some of these jeans, I particularly seem to remember the Freddies being reviewed in terms of fit etc.

  2. garofit - thank you! how did I forget about The Fedora Lounge! I will definitely do this.


  3. I have the Bernie Dexter jeans, in both colors. The fit is good, but I think they're pretty cheaply made. I did get them when they very very first came out, so the quality may be better (and I should hope so since the price has nearly doubled!). Hope this helps!

  4. I've been looking a long time for jeans or pants like this myself to no avail. Good luck and if you find a good place to buy them, new or vintage, let us know!

  5. Hi Lisa :-)
    $ Bernie Dexter Siren Capris in black 2 weeks ago & they are definately my fave pants ever!
    I am 5'3 25 inch waist & 37 inch booty. I $ a small which is a comfy size for me. Waist is very high so I think you'll like them.
    Now I want a blue pair too!!!


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