Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wishlist: 50's Tulle Prom Dress

I have always wanted a tulle prom dress! Frothy, pretty, girly, decadent pieces; always filled with vintage memories as they were always bought for a special occasion! Mmmm.....

I owned once once (it was given to me by a friend of a friend in a garbage bag full of vintage clothes that were headed for the dump), but it had a 23" waist and I do not have a 23" waist! So I consigned it at Ragpickers while I worked there and sold it to a young girl who wore it to her grade 8 grad. That made me happy!

Anyway, I still want one (that fits me!)! I don't know where I'd wear it. I do have the Christmas party for work to go to in December, but what are the odds I'll find one that a) I can afford b) fits me and c) I absolutely cannot live without before December 5th?
Who knows, miracles do happen!

I would gladly take these two confections any day of the week:

(this one found here on Flickr)

(this one found at Posh Girl Vintage)

I'll likely end up wearing something out of my closet (which is kindof like a small vintage clothing store anyway! haha!).



  1. That pink dress is heaven! I have been in love with this style dress since I was a little girl. Unfortunately they are not size or age appropriate for me anymore either. *sigh*

  2. Isn't it??!! It's my favorite of the two.
    I'm starting to wonder if I could get away with it. I'll try anyway and risk looking silly just to wear one!


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