Friday, November 13, 2009

Inspiration: Some Girls Wander by Mistake

I can only hope that you are familiar with Emily Martin and her wonderful (and whimsical!) Etsy shop The Black Apple.
Well if you aren't, I insist you follow the link above and head over there right now (or after you read my post! haha!). You would have to be a cold hearted monster not to be instantly smitten with her amazing art. I was immediatly taken with it (although I am personally a fan of whimsical oddites!).

But I digress...this is after all a fashion blog.

Emily also has her own fashion blog: Some Girls Wander by Mistake.

I am continually inspired by Emily's outfits! I love the way she layers and mixes fabrics! I always wait eagerly for a new post. I could go on, but I'll let a few of my favorites speak for themselves:

(all photos borrowed from Some Girls Wander by Mistake)

Sorry I posted so many! I honestly had a hard time choosing! Go check her out! She's so cute and lovely!

Also go check out Emily's other blog (Inside a Black Apple).

Lisa. xo

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