Saturday, November 28, 2009

Inspiration: Dita's Hair: Edgy? Girly? or Classic?

Next Saturday is the official Ricki's Christmas party. As you can imagine, I'm pretty excited for this. Why you ask?
Well what better excuse to get all dolled up!!! Not only that, but what better excuse to buy a new dress!!

So, a week ago I went shopping at Ruby Slipper. I've never been before, so my intention was just to look around and scope the place out. And maybe see if they had any amazing tulle dresses for sale. There were a few, but none that stole my heart.
Ok, this is the exciting part. I approached a woman behind the counter (who ended up being the owner) and asked her if they had any tulle dresses other than the ones on the floor for sale. She immediatly sized me up, and started to simultaneously pass me dresses from a rack by the counter and tell me that I don't want a tulle dress because she just bought a ton of stuff from a guy who's Mom had kept everything she owned since the 40's and guess what? She wore the same size as me!! (Awesome!!)
Long story short, I tried on what feels like a million dresses and suits, all of which fit me like a glove, but there were 3 I couldn't part with. So I dropped $200 and took them home.
I do not have pictures of them yet. I just feel like a run-of-the-mill outfit post won't do them justice. They're special and deserve to be dolled up.
I'll be wearing one of them to the Christmas party next week. It's a late 40's early 50's black taffeta halter wiggle dress with beading at the neckline. So hollywood glam! So Gorgeous! Wait till you see it!!! (again, no pics and now it's at the cleaners. I even looked online for something similar to show you. Couldn't find anything remotely close)
I have the dress, I have shoes, I have the clutch and accessories. So the question remains:
How will I do my hair?

I have lined up a few options and are contemplating them all seriously. All glam inspiration in my life comes from Dita. I love her!

I like the rockabilly style of this do'. It would give the dress an edgier feel.

The girly girl in me loves the curls of this look. Very pretty, very feminine. Maybe with some sparkly brooch pinned in my hair too.

This one I feel is very sleek and glamourous. Very classic.

So those are the options I'm considering. Edgy, Girly or Classic.
I think I'm leaning towards Edgy or Girly.

Any thoughts? I know it's tough without seeing the dress, but I'd appreciate some thoughts on the hair in isolation.


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