Thursday, November 12, 2009

Outfits: Madonna Wannabe?

This is a really popular silhouette right now. That short full skirt with a cinched belt and any sort of cropped or tucked in top (maybe even a blazer or a jacket on top?) Designers, fashion bloggers, store windows: it's everywhere.
It's no wonder really, It's pretty classic when you get right down to it.
When I wear this I always feel like it's my 2009 does 1980's, does 1950's outfit. Haha!
Actually with the bow in my hair I kinda felt like a very paired down Madonna circa 1980.
No matter what, I love this skirt and will wear it to death!

Hair Bow: Satin sash from a long forgotten dress
Necklace: Vintage (was Grandma's)
T-Shirt: Urban Planet
Belt: Laura
Skirt: Vintage (Oscar de la Renta!)
Tights: Good ol' Faithful Indestructables!
Shoes: Spring

Lisa. xo

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  1. Such a cute outfit and your eyes are gorgeous! I wish I could wear skirts that short and feel comfortable, but alas, I hate my legs :(


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