Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Welcome to my new and improved blog!!

I'm really excited about Butterflies and Daisys Vintage because it centers around two of my favorite things: Fashion and Vintage Clothes!

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm not a purist. You know the folks I'm talking about. Those brave and dedicated people who dress in vintage or reproduction clothes that emulate an era every day. Those beautiful girls with precise and deft fingers who roll and curl thier hair to perfection and wouldn't be caught dead seen otherwise. To you wonderful and inspiring people: I tip my vintage hat to you!!


I love mixing it up! I love jeans and a t-shirt worn with curled hair and the sparkliest vintage jewlery I can find! I also love wearing skirts and dresses! I adore hats, hairbows, facinators, flower and feather clips! (You'll see...)
This being said, I also love current trends and enjoy mixing them with my vintage pieces for my own look.

On a side note, I am also looking forward to showing you how one can look cute and still be warm dressed for -40 Celcius with vintage inspired flair (which I try very hard to do!) as we here in Winnipeg gear up for the snow and winter weather that is looming.

So once again, Welcome!

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