Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My New Buddy

This post wouldn't be possible without my sister Kim. So a big shout out to her is in order!

Yesterday I came home to a small parcel in my mailbox. It was from Kim. If you remember from this post, I've been looking for a "stole with a face" for a little while now. I've found a few small mink stoles in my travels since, but none of them felt like they were mine.
Well that's because he was with Kim! In her letter she said she bought him at Value Village 3 years ago and he's been living with her since. When she read my blog she called Mom to get my address and sent him to me! I had no idea!!! It was such a lovely surprise! I was giddy all night!!! I'm still excited!! See these exclamation marks!! <--- !!

Isn't he great! He's so perfect! Just like the one in the picture from The Sartorialist I love!

Earrings: Vintage
Stole: Vintage (From Kim!!)
Black Tee Shirt: Ricki's
Jeans: Bootlegger
Shoes: Vintage

I just love vintage fur!

All of this has reminded me of this post from Vintage Vixen.

What should I name my new buddy? Thoughts?

Lisa. xo


  1. Love this! I have one similar, they are so warm!

    The name just has to come to you, don't put too much thought into it, you'll know it when it happens!


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