Saturday, November 7, 2009

Wishlist: Vintage Dressing Gown

Currently on my very long, every expanding wishlist is a vintage silk dressing gown.

Now, I'm a picky girl and refuse to settle for anything less than the perfect one. And it is times like these that I find internet shopping both a curse and a blessing. (At this time I should point something out: I have only ever bought one thing on the net. My 1970 Hollywood Shwinn Bike. And The Boy was a full partner in the transaction.) So when I say "internet shopping" what I really mean is "browsing and lusting".

But I digress...This is exactly what I want: a 1930's chinese silk kimono-style dressing gown (and it's reversable!)

Of course it's WAY out of my price range for a piece of clothing no one but The Boy will see me in around the house, but if you are independantly wealthy and would like to purchase this beautiful garment it's for sale at Shop Curious. (Or if someone would like to buy me a Christmas present they know I will love and adore forever I'd be just fine with that too!!)

I might also settle for this lovely 1920's robe from Posh Girl Vintage, but it's sold. *tear* Here's a pictureof it for us all to enjoy anyway:

Lisa. xo

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  1. damn you! you've made me lust after the dressing gown too!!! oh how i love vintage! ever been to the "blind lemon vintage fairs"? theyr amazing xxx


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