Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Impulse Purchase...

I found out a week and a half ago that I'm able to make purchases through my Etsy account app on my iPhone...dangerous!!

I was sitting in the park at the St. Norbert Ruins during the show waiting to call a cue and checking my blog reader when the latest shop update from Dear Golden came through.

Well, this beauty called out to me, was in my size and with barely any hesitation I bought it on the spot. It was truly meant to be considering the blog post was called "Much Ado" and I am working on a Shakespeare production...I was working on the show at the time of purchase...I mean really...how can you say no to logic like that?! Well I can't...  ;)

It arrived last week and the pattern is more lovely in person that it is in the images. The dress arrived in immaculate condition: clean,  pressed and exactly as described in the listing. I was so happy!

I am totally smitten with my purchase! You'll have to wait for the final reveal..she's off at my tailor getting some minor adjustments so she fits me better.
This may be my new favourite summer dress!



  1. How terrifically gorgeous! I know what you mean about when see an item and instantly fall madly in love with it to the point where there's no other course of action but to buy it on the spot (ok, budget permitting, there's no other course of action ;) ). I so adore that love at first vintage sight feeling and am really happy your latest encounter with it landed you this stellar new summer dress.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I know exactly how you feeling! I've done this multiple times thanks to Instagram!



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