Friday, June 14, 2013

Outfits: Let the Sunshine!

We are having gorgeous weather this week!

I wore this dress out on Tuesday afternoon to do some thrift shopping downtown before going to work.  I have been eager to wear my summer wardrobe and let the simplicity of hot weather dressing begin.

I feel like I've been at a loss for words on the 'ole blog as of late...truth be told there's not much to say apart from work news these days...and I feel like you're all pretty tired of that...or maybe it's just me. It's been a busy season: two school tours, Angels in America: Perestroika (the largest show I've ever worked on), followed directly by the show I'm currently working on: Julius Caesar. Needless say this heavy workload is taking its toll on me. I'm very tired and it seems that no amount of sleep is helping me feel normal. I'm in desperate need of a holiday.
As much as I love my work I am counting the weeks (2 1/2!) until July - which I have off. I am so eager to get out to the lake and spend some lazy days in the sun.

I'll just wear a little sunshine until then. ;)

Yellow 60's Striped Dress: Thrifted, Value Village
Yellow Woven Belt: Thrifted
Bangles: Thrifted (yellow), Forever 21 (coral)
Vintage Cameo Brooch: Thrifted
Yellow Ruffled Slip (unseen): Thrifted
Yellow Canvas Wedges: Thrifted
Vintage Bamboo Purse: Thrifted



  1. Very cute outfit! I love yellow dresses and shoe for summer!!

  2. What a glorious riot of citrus hues. Yellow looks so, so good on you, dear gal (it's one of the trickiest colours for me to pull off, but that doesn't stop me from trying sometimes :)).

    I for one always sincerely enjoy everything you blog about, and never think its boring. Quite the opposite actually, I love reading about (and seeing) your life and the things you (gorgeously) wear in Manitoba. There are so few of vintage loving Canadian gals - it's awesome to know you and your blog are out there four provinces over. :)

    ♥ Jessica


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