Friday, June 7, 2013

SIR presents Julius Caesar

If you live in the Winnipeg area I would highly recommend coming out to Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park (aka the St Norbert Ruins) and checking out Shakespeare in the Ruins 20th anniversary presentation of Julius Caesar.

Cry 'havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war”
-      Mark Antony

“Just watch me…”
-      Pierre Elliot Trudeau

In 1970, Quebec’s Minister of Labour, Pierre LaPortewas murdered by the Front de Liberation du Quebec, a separatist group who wanted to end “Anglo-Saxon imperialism”. This brought about the invoking of the War Measures Act by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (the Caesar of his day), in which our government suspended civil liberties and arrested over 400 individuals suspected of having ties to the radical organization.

Set  in Canada during the time of the FLQ Black October Crisis, SIR's first production of Julius Caesar will illuminate the truth that Shakespeare realized over 400 years ago: that we are all capable of transgressing our moral code and of committing acts we would otherwise view as abhorrent, in the name of "liberty".

Celebrate our 20th Anniversary with us as we present a dynamic, immersive, accessible, one-of-a-kind, outdoor, promenade performance (whew!) of Shakespeare's magnificent and timeless examination of loyalty, ambition and political conspiracy amid the incomparable setting of the Ruins!
-borrowed from SIR's website

And check out our preview article in the Free Press!

For show dates and times, or to purchase tickets: click here!

See you at the Ruins!



  1. I so wish I could head out to Winnipeg and see this riveting sounding show. I've always wanted to see a live Shakespeare performance outdoors (here in B.C., down in Van, we have Bard on the Beach, but I've never been - hopefully one day).

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It's a really fun way to experience Shakespeare. I've heard of Bard on the Beach! Venture out to Vancouver and let me know how it is! :)



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