Thursday, June 27, 2013

I Feel Like a Real Blogger Now!

After over 5 years of blogging (and procrastinating) I finally bought myself a tripod for my camera.

I've been taking outfit photos with my camera sitting on top of stacks of books (and occasionally enlisting The Boy to play photographer - much to his chagrin) for as long as I've had this blog and never set aside any funds for a tripod.  
I've spent many hours envying bloggers who take photos outside and with nowhere to put my camera, I have not been able to...until now!!

Last week I decided enough was enough, logged onto my Amazon account and bought myself this little guy - a 42"Polaroid Travel Tripod

I picked the travel tripod so I could easily bring it with me in my purse or suitcase. At only 11" when collapsed its small size also means it fits into a drawer at home and doesn't take up room elsewhere. It also came with a protective storage bag. The price was right at $19.99 CAD plus shipping and arrived in less than 5 business days. 
Both my Canon cameras fit on this model and I am able to set it up for horizontal or vertical photos. I've used it twice now and so far I have no complaints! 


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  1. Ooohh, lovely tripod! Using one really does make such a difference when it comes to indoor shots in particular (especially if your lighting is less than stellar). I hope you two have tons of great years together to come!

    ♥ Jessica


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