Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Outfits: New Old Winter Coat

I had a few errands to run today. Not being at work has really got me into a slump. I've been living in jeans and a tee shirt (or sweater) with little make up on and my hair in a pony tail. The office I'm working at temporarily is uber casual. I can't even imagine wearing a skirt there. (it's an industrial supply company. nuff said.)

I have been dying to "dress up" a little. I figured what better occasion than some errands right? ;)

I bought this coat over the summer at Ruby Slipper for $15!! It came from the same woman as this hat and has a tag inside that reads "1955". The inside is quilted and the cuffs have a hidden knit cuff for extra warmth! Three of the buttons in the front had fallen off and there were only two in the coat pocket. I loved the coat so much I figured I would buy it anyway and improvise.
As it turns out when I went to sew the buttons back on and have a look at my button stash for suitable replacement I found another matching button sewn under the collar of the coat! Score! I promptly took it off and sewed to the front of the coat with the other two! Good as new!

This skirt is a winter standby for me. I really love it and always look forward to wearing it in the winter. And I'm particularly loving it with my new heels from Forever 21!

Black Beret: Joe
Favourite Leopard Print Scarf: Ricki's
50's Winter Coat: Ruby Slipper
Cream Sweater: Jacob
Vintage Watch Brooch: Thrifted
Black Patent Belt: Laura
50's Green Skirt: Ragpickers
Black "Plaid" Tights: Ricki's
Green Heels: Forever 21
Vintage Needlepoint Purse: Thrifted 
(Can you tell it's winter? I'm wearing a million layers!)

Happy Tuesday! 



  1. I love the green skirt with those heels!

  2. Your blog is fabulous! I'm your follower definitely:)
    I'm in looooooove with your baaaag:D

  3. Danielle - thanks! It was a happy coincidence! The shoes were laying on my dressing room floor next to a basket of clean laundry with the skirt poking out.

    AngeliqueDama - thank you so much!! And thank you for commenting! I'm really wanting to talk to my readers more these days.
    p.s. the bag was $7 at Value Village! I almost didn't buy it but am glad that I did. I use it ALL the time!!


  4. That really is a great coat; love the collar. You look fabulous!

    You have definitely converted me. Let's go thrifting, I'll drive.

  5. laurie - lol! thanks! When do we leave!? :)



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