Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's What's on the Outside That Counts!

I went to my Mom's for coffee last Sunday and she sent me home with a box full of vintage wrapping paper she had found! So, of course, I thought I would share.

This is just a group of some random paper. As you can see I've got full sheets and small squares.

Here are some shower and wedding paper. All pink!

I really love this print. So pretty!

This shower paper is also one of my favourites. I love that it has rain drops on it!

Some more randoms. I really like the bear paper on the bottom.

Some wedding paper. The white and gold is more of a textured crepe paper.

Baby paper.

This one is my favourite of the bunch above. It's another textured crepe-type paper.

And of course, Christmas paper!

Love this one.

Another wedding paper which is another favourite. So beautiful!

I saved the best for last! This little scrap is, in my opinion, the best of the bunch. I really wish I had more of it. I just love the circus/fair theme and the simple line drawing design. I think I might frame it or something, I'm not quite sure yet.

I can't wait to start using this paper! I just love using vintage notions and paper goods for projects. I'm excited that I have enough of some of this paper to actually wrap gifts! Better to be used than go to waste I say! And vintage wrapping paper will always ensure that my gifts are noticed!



  1. Amazing paper! Sometimes I think I could just buy wrapping paper and get distracted from the gifts; it's so lovely!

  2. Esme - I know! There is nothing better than a beautifully wrapped gift.



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