Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thrifted Bits

The thrift stores have been a little barren lately. I've been going quite a bit in the last few weeks and left empty handed on more than one occasion. I only seem to be taking home tiny bits of things.

Here's what I've taken home recently:

 I bought all these buttons at Goodwill for $1.25

I really like the square buttons. I bought the white ones for a 40's day dress that has been in need of buttons for a few years. I'll be sewing these on ASAP! 

This Alice book was $2 at Value Village. I read the entire Alice series in university and they were all vintage books. I could resist owning this one and the colour is perfect! 

 I've developed a bit of an obsession with dress clips recently and couldn't believe my luck when I found these at Value Village for $7!

 The colour, the gems and the clasp on this necklace spoke to me. For a mere $4, how could I resist? (Shout out to Mom who actually shelled out the $4 for this necklace for me! thanks! love you!)

Those are my recent finds. Have you found anything amazing recently?


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