Monday, December 26, 2011

Dita: Long Hair Inspiration

It's no secret I love Dita Von Teese. (I did post about her earlier this week!)

While scrolling through my folder of saved images of her I noticed how many I had saved of her with lovely, long, wavy tresses.

My hair is getting long and I'd like to think I'm awfully close to getting my hair to look like Dita's does in these photos.

 I want to look like this every day! 

 Love this photo of her with little eye makeup on. Still gorgeous!

Had to share this one of the pin curls.

I'm planning on heading to my hairdresser in the new year with these photos in hand so I can help my hair get a better curl in it.

Photos are all via either Just Jared or Enchanted by Dita



  1. Oh, she does her pin curls the same way I do. :D

  2. Dita doesn't actually let her hair in pin curls. She uses hot rollers. She says it all the time on her Twitter.

    The fact that someone else is doing her make up in that picture (she always does her own hair and make up for events as you should know) shows that she's being styled for a photo shoot.

  3. It's true. Dita does use hot rollers when she's styling her own hair. I wish I could remember which brand. It's an expensive ceramic kind.
    Anyone know?



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